LTE Galaxy S Aviator smartphone release for US Cellular

If you’re a US Cellular customer then you will probably already know that a few weeks ago the carrier offered its first LTE device, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet. Today we can tell you that US Cellular’s first 4G LTE smartphone has now also been released, the Galaxy S Aviator.

The Galaxy S Aviator (aka Droid Charge) is available with shipping today and key features and specs include a 1GHz Hummingbird processor, 4.3-inch Super AMOLED Plus display, 1.4GB of internal memory, 8-megapixel rear camera with LED flash along with a 1.3-megapixel front-facing camera for video chat, HDMI port, a 1600mAh battery, Google Play access and running on Android 2.3.6 Gingerbread. The Android Gingerbread is a bit of a letdown as many of you will have hoped for 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich but we’d imagine it would receive an upgrade later.

We learned of the Galaxy S Aviator on US Cellular from Engadget who also give some details of 4G LTE service available. So far US Cellular customers in parts of Iowa, Maine, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Texas and Wisconsin can access LTE connectivity now. Later this year LTE service should also come to the following areas – Illinois, Maryland, Missouri, New Hampshire, Oregon, Tennessee, Vermont, Virginia, Washington and West Virginia. It’s expected that by the end of 2012, 54% of US Cellular customers will be covered by LTE service.

The price of the Galaxy S Aviator on US Cellular is $199.99 (taking into account a mail-in rebate and on a two-year contract) although we’re informed that in certain LTE regions it will be priced at $100 less for a limited time. It’s available both in stores and online at uscellular.com where you can also find further information. If online, simply enter your location to find the price for your area.

We’d like to hear your thoughts on the Samsung Galaxy S Aviator, the first LTE handset for US Cellular. Are you tempted to purchase this Android smartphone or will you wait to see what other LTE offerings US Cellular may come up with shortly?


10 thoughts on “LTE Galaxy S Aviator smartphone release for US Cellular”

  1. Super_cletus says:

    Its a fun phone to work and play on. I just moved from a Blackberry and it is far superior. BUT the battery life is horrible! I texted a few times, made a few phone calls and checked the weather and my battery was at 50%. If I could do it over, I probably would NOT get this phone. Love the Android features, but hate the battery life. US Cellular will be seeing me in a few days when I return this phone for something different.

    1. Will says:

       I too am returning this phone..Terrible battery life – restarts randomly and WORST of all  I can’t use my phone as a wi-fi hotspot anymore without paying an extra $25.00!!! WTF! I have an LG optimus that works perfectly without the extra charge – I can’t believe they tried to hustle me like that….the nerve!

  2. Matt says:

    This is my first smart phone so i don’t have anything to compare it to.  It lasts me one day and I turn it off at night and charge it.  I don’t use the 4G unless I’m aggressively surfing the net, which 3G is usually fast enough.  I use the Wi-Fi whem I’m at home. I don’t like all the apps that come on the phone and can’t be deleted.  It has froze on me a couple of times while playing games, but eventuall will unfreeze after 10 seconds.  I’m happy with the phone overall.

  3. Wmbill137 says:

    First of all,  I can say that so far it hasn’t been the frustrating, buggy nightmare that my first 2 Mesmerizes were (#3 was ok)!  It has functioned pretty well, without any noticable glitches. It has a nice screen and camera setup, and  HDMI connectors are nice, but sadly I’ll  probably be returning mine.  The 4G downloads files lightening fast when it’s  working up to speed, which is very inconsistant at my location, but even at full-speed it doesn’t seem to improve the overall online/streaming media experience much.  Infact, in some respects it seems to be a step backwards!  It really struggles and locks-up in desktop mode when playing flash video that isn’t optimized for android.  I think this is really ironic as my old 3G Mezmerize (#3) with the same processing hardware (1gh Hummingbird)  could play it pretty well.  Maybe this is because the Gingerbread OS and 4G are too much for the poor old single-core processor and it doesn’t have enough reserve power to play non-optimized video?   Whatever the reason, it doesn’t perform as well playing desktop-mode flash media as the Mesmerize with 3G and that’s really why I wanted it.    Better off with the dual-core 3G models for now, I guess.  

  4. Mekay says:

    So far I love mine! I was leary because it was the first phone US Cellular had in 4g.   I had the acclaim previously and it was a nightmare.  I don’t play games on my phone so I dont use battery life with those and its too important to keep for calls and texts.  I don’t put it into 4g mode unless I need to download, its sufficient without it.  I like the meter that lets me know whats running instead of having to download an app killer which essentially drains the battery and never works anyway.  the pictures are fabulous as well as the video.  I don’t have to carry a bulky camera with me when we take day trips. I also switch it into wifi at home and the office as well.  We have to remember that this is a small computer and its always searching and working so you have to be conscious of what is running and how.  Im not much of a texter but love the swype option.  It has too many great little features to list, as I play with it I learn something new each day.

  5. anonymous says:

    This phone, while having a pretty short battery life and an out dated processor, is the only option those of us with US cellular have as a 4G LTE smart phone. I only payed $100 for this phone ($100 off for living in a 4g LTE region and another $100 for the rebate which was quick and easy) and let me tell you, I’m not disappointed. The screen is better than anything that I have ever seen on a smartphone and the call quality is superb, while next generation smartphone games are out of the question for this phone, considering the price mark that US Cellular was able to hit I’m happily impressed. Additionally, US cellular (here in Madison, Wisconsin) has impressively quick 4g, I also noticed that I have 4g LTE coverage almost everywhere. For a first attempt at a 4g LTE smartphone I’m impressed, if only it had one of those flashy 1.5ghz dual core processors like the Samsung Galaxy S Skyrocket, I guess that would be asking too much from such a small corporations first 4g LTE smartphone, but as I said earlier I’m pretty happy with it overall.

  6. Fragglerock39 says:

    On the 2nd day I got the phone, it started making a static sound when i triedied to answer or make a call. I now am also having problems with it just being completely silent on both ends when i try to make or receive calls. Also having an issue with internet connection getting lost 🙁 My husband has had the static thing happen a few times also having & a friend of mine has it happen with almost every call. Not looking good to me, us cell tech told me to takeke mine back to the store & get a different phone. Good luck to everyone!

  7. Dennis says:

    Most of the people I know with the Samsung Aviator have problems with battery life. We also get static when trying to answer the phone. I am hoping to see a class action suit. Lied.
    Our US Cellular tech told us too bad. You didn’t buy the insurance. My plan expires on 7 March and we can’t wait to dump the Aviator and US Cellular.

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