iPhone 5 design may have unibody frame and larger screen

We have heard been a lot of claims made in recent months about the specifications of the next iPhone, but as usual many of these claims are recycled rumours from before. Now new claims are again predicting a larger screen and also a unibody frame for the design of the iPhone 5.

It is obvious Apple is working on the next version of their flagship smartphone, but currently we do not know when the iPhone 5 release will be. We have heard of both a summer and fall launch timeframe for the device, but in the meantime until an official announcement by Apple is made we continue to get more rumours of what the device will bring, and as AppleInsider are reporting the latest claims are suggesting a unibody frame similar to the MacBook range along with an increase in screen size.

Brian J. White an analyst with Topeka Capital Markets has claimed that after having a tour of suppliers in both China and Taiwan believes these companies will start production in June of components for the iPhone 5, which will be ahead of a release in the fall.

White also believes that the company will release a new iPhone that will feature a screen of 4 inches, which will also have 4G LTE connectivity like the recently released new iPad. He stated that the device will have a “new sleek look” that is being claimed will need a Unibody case.

There have been rumours in the past that suggested a new iPhone form factor along with others that suggested the device would feature an aluminium unibody along the lines of what is seen on the iPad with the rear panel. White is also suggesting the new iPhone may be “extraordinary” with the launch for the device beating what has ever been seen before.

Do you think any of these claims will be true?


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