PlayUp for Android is sports social network

Whatever your favourite sport is there will always be someone to debate the goings on with you, and now that just got easier with the launch of PlayUp for the Android platform that is a sport orientated social network.

The free application allows Android users the chance to use the innovative app for the first time, after users of the iOS platform have used it for a while. Users can pick and choose which sports specific content they want to see in the app, and can even choose to follow one or multiple sports or specific leagues from each sport.

Users are provided with seamless integration with Facebook and Twitter, so they can send updates and invites to friends from within the app. The Android release also brings with it an enhanced menu with smoother navigation. These features were just added to the iOS version of the app with a web-based version launched earlier this year.

PlayUp was first launched on the iOS platform last October and has risen has high as number 3 in the most downloaded free sports apps on the US iTunes Store. The app now has additional ways for users to connect with some of the most recognizable athletes and sports properties in the US. This has been done with the teaming up with former basketball greats such as Al Horford, Brandon Knight, and Jay Williams.

The stars chatted to fans via their own hangout rooms as the games took place with Kentucky being crowned nation champion. This followed similar partnerships with NFL stars as the Super Bowl XLVI took place. Other sports that are covered include the English Premier League, Cricket, Rugby, world football, and much more. To find out more and to download the free application head over to the Google Play Store.

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