Unlock your iPhone with Stride & draw Password

Those with iPhones who like to jailbreak their devices may be particularly interested in this piece of news. It concerns unlocking your iPhone with Stride, a new jailbreak tweak, and the unique twist here is that you draw your ‘password.’

This is certainly a sophisticated and stylish development. After all who wants to stick with a boring passcode when they could use an 8-bit styled drawing instead. Stride comes from well-respected jailbreak developer Adam Bell and we’ve embedded a video below this story of how it works on iPhones running iOS 5.0 or later.

The iDownload Blog tells how a preference panel allows the Stride user to enable or disable Stride, alter their passwords or Skip PIN entry. Simply tapping on Change Password raises a grid that allows you to use your finger to create a pattern. After confirmation this ‘pattern’ or ‘drawing’ will be your new password. Next time you’re on the lock screen instead of seeing Enter Password you’ll see Draw Password. As long as Skip PIN entry has been enabled in settings simply drawing the correct ‘password’ will unlock the phone.

You also have the reassurance that if you want to go back to using Apple’s secure passcode system you can do so at any time so if you forget how to draw your password it’s not the end of the world. We reckon Stride will hit a chord with those who want something a little different and the price is $2.99 so it won’t break the bank even though a lot of effort must have gone into its development. You can get it from Cydia’s Big Boss Repository.

Remember to take a look at the video below to get more of an idea about Stride. We’d like to hear your thoughts on this jailbreak tweak so let us have your comments.

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