HTC Trophy 8107 update sorts security issues & bugs

If you’re an HTC Trophy customer on Verizon then life could become just a bit better real soon. The HTC Trophy is a Windows Phone smartphone and a software update, build 8107, has now been issued to resolve some security issues and bugs.

One of the issues that has been bothering HTC Trophy owners is that of the ‘disappearing keyboard’ as users were typing, which has caused plenty of frustration for those users affected. However the new software update should fix that problem as well as other concerns with security.

News of the update comes to us from Ubergizmo and you should be able to see notification of the update when you connect your HTC Trophy to the Zune Desktop. In fact there are three updates altogether, OS 7740, OS 8107 and HTC Firmware and Ubergizmo points out that back up processes for each will vary.

Other inclusions with the software update are that it fixes a Gmail syncing issue and also a location access issue. Another fix is for an email issue involving Microsoft Exchange Server 2003. This means that now when the user is replying or forwarding a message, that response now includes the original message. Finally a voicemail notification issue is fixed and also an encryption issue has been addressed by revoking digital certificates from DigiCert Sdn Bhd.

Remember if you haven’t installed previous updates you’ll receive them as part of a cumulative process when installing this new update. If you are an HTC Trophy owner and install the update, let us know how you got on and if things went smoothly? Also did it fix your ‘disappearing keyboard’ problem? Send your comments using the box below this story.


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  1. MrTrophy says:

    the first two updates failed the first time around on Step 6 (restarting phone) but when I hit Try Again they worked. Does anyone know what the HTC firmware update addressed?

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