WinterBoard 0.9.3904 update worth a thought

There are many owners of iOS devices that love to jailbreak their devices and this is only possible due to the tireless work that the clever jailbreak community does on our behalf, and while they are busy working on an untethered jailbreak for iOS 5.1 we have news that the WinterBoard 0.9.3904 update may be worth a thought.

As an article on iDownloadBlog is reporting the mentioning of WinterBoard can cause a shiver to go down the spines of some jailbreakers everywhere, as a lot of users won’t install some apps or tweak them as it would require installing the unpopular themer.

WinterBoard has for a long time had the finger of blame pointed at it for jailbreak related issues whether it would be for stability or speed related problems, WinterBoard became the scapegoat. Now though an update has been pushed out by Saurik titled WinterBoard 0.9.3904 that promises to address a whole host of bugs.

These include the likes of Corrected Order of UISound Stack, Use Fallback/* to Wildcard Theme, Default SummerBoard Mode to off, 4+5: TimeStyle, PerPage, IconAlpha, 4+5: HTML Wallpaper Multi-Touch, 5.x: Last Ditch kill -KILL Respring, 5.x: Solve SpringBoard Scroll Lag with SummerBoard off, 4+5: WinterBoard.app Respring Fix, and 2+3: Fixed SpringBoard Crashes.

In use with the update WinterBoard was found to be working great once installed on to an iPhone 4S with a handful of compatible tweaks and themes, and it is being reported the same can be said for devices that are running the A4 chip as well. If you want to give WinterBoard another try it can be found at Cydia in the default repo for free.

Have you installed WinterBoard recently?

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