2013 Smartphones need kinetic energy charging

Here at Phones Review we enjoy bringing you all the latest details about new smartphones and more from the mobile world. Sometimes though we want to look ahead and think of improvements and changes that could be made to smartphones to make them even better. With that in mind we’re thinking that kinetic energy charging for 2013 smartphones is needed and would be a real step forward.

Even five years ago we couldn’t have foreseen the current state of play regarding smartphones. There seems to be almost nothing we can’t do now on our mobile devices but there is always room for improvement. Of the next influx of smartphones many will now feature quad-core processors and new technology supports touchscreens, high-resolution displays, improved cameras, NFC capabilities, social networking and much more. However one area that is still a bugbear to many of us is battery life.

It does seem odd that considering how much we can now do with our smartphones, limitations are placed on that use simply because of the battery. Although manufacturers are attempting to provide larger batteries on some new phones and keep power consumption to a minimum there’s only so much that can be done unless battery technology improves or phones grow even more in size to fit even bigger batteries. This is where kinetic energy charging could come into play as people would never have to worry about how much charge they had left.

Imagine the freedom of all day use of your smartphone without having to consider your battery levels. Most of us charge our devices at least once a day and many power users will do so more than once and if kinetic energy charging can be used in watches, why not in smartphones? It almost seems so obvious that we can’t imagine why it isn’t already being used. Many smartphones now make use of an accelerometer that uses movement to control games and allows portrait to landscape mode so it seems to make sense that a phone dependent on movement could utilize body movement to charge itself.

There are already accessory ideas for charging gadgets by using “energy harvesting” from body movements so maybe this kind of technology could be developed further so that a smartphone could be charged directly from movement without the need for any other device, other than a component within the phone itself. We’re sure that scientific minds will have been studying a way to use kinetic energy for charging smartphones and the like and the problem will be to come up with a way of providing a high-level output that’s adequate for mobile electronic devices.

It’s certainly an interesting idea and we cannot claim to be kinetic energy experts so cannot guess at how soon this technology may become available. However this would be a brilliant development for future smartphones to free us from the tyranny of limited battery life. Send us your comments on this to let us know what you think. Can you see potential for smartphones to use kinetic energy charging? Is this a development that you’d be willing to pay a premium price for if it meant no more battery dependence?


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  1. john says:

    exactly what i am thinking about, but i believe somewhere in places like China, this kind of product is already being developed or even available for smartphone users, its just the matter of time for it to be a hype.

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