Expensive Tripleton Enigma E2 Phone but spy proof

For people that need to keep their business secure along with their private life private there’s a new mobile phone available that the company claims is the world’s most secure mobile phone, and that handset is known as the Enigma E2 from Tripleton, a device that is stylish and also apparently spy proof.

Apparently with the Enigma E2, “Crypto” calls are 100 percent secure and are safe from in-network and ‘man in the middle’ attacks, as the security is independent of the network by using a secondary SIM card that holds unique codes and highly secure keys that two Enigma handsets use to authenticate each other to set p an encrypted call.

The Enigma E2 handset itself offers such feature as a 2.4-inch colour display, GSM tri-band 900/1800/1900Mhz, GPRS, a 3 megapixel camera, FM radio, SMS text messaging, with encrypted messaging coming soon, Bluetooth for non-crypto calls, 1024bit RSA encryption for key exchange and 256bit AES encryption for voice, with random number generator, MS messaging with encrypted MMS coming soon, 2GB microSD card supplied, microSD expansion up to 32GB, and USB charging.

The Enigma E2 mobile phone measures 116 x 50 x 15mm with a weight of 95 grams with a talk time of up to 4-hours and a standby time of up to 180-hours dependent on network conditions. The authentication and encryption on the Enigma E2 is virtually impossible to break and thus no one will be able to listen in.

The Enigma E2 is ideal for corporate clients and security services, along with high net worth individuals that want to protect their business info whilst keeping people out of their private lives.

Now for the breaker, the Enigma E2 phone commands a hefty price tag of £1320 and is available to purchase from IntSec Ltd, so isn’t for your everyday phone user out there. So if you want security on your handset it does come at a rather steep price don’t you agree?

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