Record phone calls & access via smartphone app

There are a number of smartphone applications available to users that are capable of a number of different tasks, and today we have news of an application for Android and iPhone users that allows you to search and record phone calls.

Call Trunk allows users to record their phone calls and save them securely online, and users can even search saved recordings by spoken words. The application includes ARGOsearch that is a conversation search engine, which allows users to search recordings by words that were said, notes that you made, and numbers that were called.

The application is not limited to one device, instead one account covers recording across all your handsets and even Skype. Once an account has been created users can access it through a regular web browser or a smartphone, and whatever device is used to make the recording it is securely saved in a single online account.

The application can be tried out free of charge as users that sign up for the first time get 30 minutes of recording via a mobile and 60 minutes of Skye recording, and to sign up all that is needed is an email address and a password.

If after the free trial has ended and users want to carry on with Call Trunk there are monthly plans and pay as you go options available. For US iPhone user’s monthly plans begin at $4.99 per month up to $49.99 for an unlimited plan, or pay as you go is priced at 8c per minute. The application is also available to users of the Android platform in the US, UK, and Australia. Check out the demo video below of Call Trunk.

For more information and to download head over to the App Store or Google Play.


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  1. It’s really very interesting,
    useful and time-consuming App. Its feature of being
    able to record an incoming call is brilliant. By this App we can instantly
    record our conversation, search our conversation, download our conversation, and
    send files directly to Evernote, Dropbox etc.

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