New Samsung Galaxy Metrix, Legend & Velvet coming soon

As well as bringing you news about new smartphones and mobile technology we like two keep our eyes out for other developments on the phone scene. Today we have some rather interesting news for Samsung phone enthusiasts as three new names have been registered by the company, the Galaxy Metrix, Galaxy Legend and Galaxy Velvet.

These three new names have come to light in Samsung trademark filings and while it doesn’t necessarily mean we’ll see all three names used for smartphones in the near future it does mean that it’s certainly a possibility. HTC phone users may recognize the Legend name but the registration certainly suggests that Samsung may soon release its own Legend.

Also, these are three brand new names to Samsung, unlike the last names registered where one was the Galaxy Next, which had already been launched in some regions as Pocketnow, sourced from USPTO points out. What is enticing is the thought of what these three names could be used for. For now we don’t know if they will be completely new smartphones, or whether they will be carrier-specific names for something already in the pipeline. Dare we suggest the Galaxy S3 (S III)?

It is of course a possibility that these could be carrier names for the AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint versions of the Galaxy S3 (or whichever US carriers choose to carry the next Galaxy S flagship device). That’s complete conjecture on our part though so don’t get too excited just yet. Also as Solar Panel News points out, these names could also be for tablets as well as smartphones.

One thing that is for sure though is that Samsung and especially its Galaxy range of devices, is on the march right now and certainly grabbing its fair share of the mobile device market. We’ll be keeping a close eye on further mentions of these latest three Samsung Galaxy names and will bring you more as we hear it. Are you hoping these may be carrier names for Galaxy S3 variants?

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