Facebook Windows Phone app v2.5 major overhaul update

If you’re the owner of a Windows Phone smartphone and use Facebook then you’re likely to be pleased at today’s news. Facebook is to issue a major overhaul to its Windows Phone app, v2.5, and it will be released shortly as it is now in the final testing stages.

The updated Windows Phone v2.5 app will include many new features that will enhance the app experience for users. One example of this is threaded messaging in a nicely styled Metro design that also includes group messaging, while another new feature allows users to tag locations and friends using the ‘with’ and ‘at’ format.

Another addition is the ability to delete posts and comments from your wall by simply using the tap and hold context menu and also users will be able to head directly to content by tapping on links within posts. Further features mean that there has been an update to the photo comments and likes page that will enable users to pull down and image from a glimpse of it at the top of the page to see the full thing.

Many users will also be pleased to hear that they will be able to ‘like’ comments when the Facebook Windows Phone app update is released, according to WMPoweruser. You can check out Facebook’s statement about the app update here where it tells how these are just some of the new features so there may be more. It appears that many months have been spent working on this latest version and that a lot of the new features have been added because of user feedback.

The same Facebook page linked to above will be used to announce when the update is ready for launch so hopefully Facebook’s Windows Phone app v2.5 will appear in the Marketplace soon. Are you waiting avidly for this Windows Phone update for Facebook? What do you think of the changes mentioned so far? Is there anything else you’d like to see featured?

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