Reasons you should recycle your old mobile phones

“E-waste” — People often ignore mobile phones as e-waste since the sizes are rather small compared to other appliances, such as laptops, LCD monitors. People usually can “hide” their old mobile phones very well by putting them in the drawers. But do the old mobile phones disappear? No, they are still there even you do not see them.

Mobile phones are made of various substances. Improper disposal of mobile phones, for example dumping in the landfill, will cause great harm to the environment. The adverse effects of toxins from mobile phones on the environment have been reported by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. These toxins have a composition that does not allow them to degrade, so they will end up accumulating on the earth that causes significant damage to the ecosystem. Research also warns that mobile incineration produces severe air pollution. Then it is not a good way to deal with huge quantity of obsolete mobile phones. So what will be the possible solution?

Technology change leads to fast replacement rate of mobile phones. In fact, those mobile phones are still in good quality and function properly. In order to avoid dumping in the landfill directly, we should maximize the number of times of using those mobile phones. It is highly likely that mobile recycling is the sustainable solution. Mobile recycling can also save the natural resources for manufacturing the mobile phones.

How to choose the mobile recycler?
Nearly everyone aims to sell his or her old mobile phones at top price. People want to use the least time and least effort to sell their non-used mobile phones. Therefore, the following two factors are the most significant to the mobile recycler consideration. One is top price. The other one is an extensive mobile recycling model. Top Dollar Mobile offers top price to most mobile phones.

They rated as “Best Overall” from a selection of recycling websites offering the highest prices in February 2011 Edition of Good Housekeeping magazine. If you know it is top price, why do you still spend time to compare the price?

Besides that, Top Dollar Mobile provides most extensive recycling models for cash. It saves your time to look for the websites that allow you to sell your model. Time is money. Save your time and sell your non-used mobile phones to preserve the environment.