HTC One X battery life tests prove fruitful

We’ve been writing a lot about the HTC One X as this flagship smartphone for HTC has impressed a lot of people. Famed for its Tegra 3 quad-core processor (Snapdragon S4 dual-core for the US), one of the main concerns about this phone was whether the battery life would live up to expectations. News today tells how HTC One X battery tests have proved fruitful, which probably means even more people will rush to get their hands on it.

The HTC One X is packed with decent specs but the downfall of many otherwise excellent smartphones lately has been their battery performances. As we are increasing data use with our phones and are now seeing cutting-edge specs such as quad-core processors, high-resolution displays, improved cameras and the latest software many of us have found that our phones cannot get through an average day’s use without the battery draining.

Motorola recently addressed this issue by taking one of its successful handsets, the Motorola Droid Razr, and bumping it up with a larger battery to become the Motorola Droid Razr Maxx. So how has HTC done battery-wise with the HTC One X? It seems the manufacturer has actually done very well indeed. Engadget tells how HTC is applauding itself following testing on the HTC One X. The company has issued a blog post pointing out that people who have tested it have had praise for the battery life. Its own tests took place on the international version with quad-core processor rather than the dual-core AT&T variant for the US and seemed to show glowing results.

HTC explains that the HTC One X shows a 147% performance increase in talk time over one of its previous handsets, the HTC Sensation. It also shows a 39% increase in video playback time compared to the Sensation, a 105% improvement in MP3 playtime and a 23% increase in Web browsing time. Anandtech (who carried out independent third-party testing) was apparently impressed with the battery life of both of the HTC One X variants but Engadget tells how although they were satisfied with the dual-core HTC One X (even with LTE enabled), they were less satisfied with the global version.

It does appear though that HTC has been taking consumer concerns over smartphone battery performance seriously and the company points out that its engineering teams have spent thousands of working hours on the Battery Stamina Boost Project for the HTC One series of phones. It seems as though there’s yet another aspect worth recommending about the HTC One X then and so far we’ve heard very few complaints about this device, which is still to see a US release.

What are your thoughts on the HTC One X and its battery performance? Do you already have the international version and if so, how have you found the battery life? Maybe you’re waiting for the US variant and news of these battery tests has made up your mind that this is the right phone for you? Let us know with your comments.


30 thoughts on “HTC One X battery life tests prove fruitful”

  1. CapNemo101 says:

    I have owned the phone since day one. Battery life is fine, I have never failed to get a full day out of it, Usually with 50% or more battery left, occasionally it has dropped to 10% by the end of the day but on the whole, no worse the HTC Desire which I have used for the last two years.

  2. Dather64 says:

    I got One x last week and i’m not happy with battery at all, I would to sell this phone

  3. Indrazee says:

    its ok, batt life is not so bad sometime in htc one x, when i heavy used its give me 8 to 10 hours and left 15 to 20%, normal used give me 15 hours, if u are not using 3g and wifi its give u atlest 2 days if u are only talking 3-4 hours a day

  4. Anne-marie13 says:

    iv got this phone and bat live is very poor I’m ľucky too get 24hours

  5. Sunil Patel says:

    I got this phone yesterday and the battery life is so poor! I was using 3G for 30mins and the battery drained 20%! Also when I am not using it, it goes down 1% every 5-10 mins.. I am thinking that it might be due to not fully charging once i first got it..

    1. Barry says:

      Funny enough, that is EXACTLY what i got as well. 30 mins on the phone (bluetooth headset used. Mobile Internet off. WiFi connected.) and battery life dropped to 80% once I got off the phone. It was fully charged just before I made the call.

    2. kaka says:

      i want to buys this phone..tell me i should buy or nor..m worry about battery life of this phone!!!!

  6. Robert Masnica says:

    I have had this phone for a couple of weeks now and compared to my iphone that I had before I would be lucky to use this phone half as much, I am appaulled at this especially since I am paying over £35 a month for it!

  7. Kevinx says:

    Battery VERY poor (in my opinion). Yeah, okay, if I leave the phone on, receive 1 x 8 min call, phone receives tweets and downloads e-mail headers, but I DON’T TOUCH THE PHONE, then after 5 hrs there’s 80% battery left.

    If, however, I use it as IT SHOULD BE USED, in as much as I receive and READ e-mails, View Tweets and FaceBook feeds, and generally USE the phone (NO videos or music played) then after 5 hours I am generally down to about 40% battery. Now that is NOT good!

    In fact after 20 mins in the morning, reading and replying to Facebook, reading mails, and G+, along with a 5 minute call, then that’s 12% battery used. 🙁

    I AM aware that it’s all pretty “subjective” to ones use, but there is NO WAY that I am an excessive user.

  8. Mercerjon says:

    My battery runs out after 2 hours playing Angry Birds. In work this week I have had to recharge it every day half way through my shift as it has gone flat and I haven’t even been using it!

    1.  Mercerjon (anyone),

      Perhaps you may wish to help me, and yourself, by carrying out an HTC battery test? I did this yesterday, and the results were interesting, although I am STILL NOT CONVINCED all is well, is it seems to use TOO MUCH of the battery, in a short time (7 hrs NORMAL use, and it needs a charge.

      Anyway, the battery test.. (will take 60mins)

      1) FULLY charge your phone, til green light on.
      2) Switch to FLIGHT MODE
      3) Key *#*#3424#*#*  (This will bring up an HTC menu of available tests, and instructions). Go to page 2
      4) On the second page you will see BATTERY TEST
      5) Tap on battery test (and follow instructions)
      6) What I did, was to also jot down the % used at various stages/time elapsed
      7) At the end of the test you will be given the BALANCE of power in the battery (which will show the amount used), and also advise whether your battery has PASSED or FAILED the test.
      That’s it. Simples.
      I’ll be interested to see your results on here.


      1. Steve says:

        There is definitely a QC issue here with HTC, I’m one of the many users that have gone through 8+ One X’s trying to find one that works as it should. Returning each handset for a different fault from WIFI, Screen lifting off, Yellow spots, Yellow tint, bars rolling across screen in camera, dead pixels, bad creaks, battery problems etc.

        But more relevant here is the battery experiences I’ve had which are very interesting. Out of the many I’ve tried and returned, 3 of them I noticed had amazing battery life, I was easily getting 32-37 hours with 3-5 hours screen time.
        This was achieved with about 1 hour reading news coloums, 25-30mins of YouTube, 2 hours internet and maybe 40-60 whatsapp / text messages and less than 5 3minute calls.

        It was these handsets that made me wonder why everyone was complaining about the rubbish battery life until I had to return them for other problems and then received one with the rubbish battery life that everyone is so familiar with.

        I’m now getting 6-7 hours at a push with 1hour30mins screen time and far less usage than listed above. I’ve had slightly better and more or less the same from the other returned handsets previously but this one I’m currently with is the worst. 

        For this reason of having experienced so many varying battery lifes on the One X’s I’ve had, I believe QC is a serious culprit here. How can the experiences be so different with same or similar usage on phones that are the same model from the same batch, same assembly line (possibly), same factory, same manufacturer be so different in performance.

        Anyway, I will carry out the test you’ve listed above and let you know as soon as it’s done. Thanks for posting that, never knew about it.

      2. Steve says:

        Battery test went as follows counting down from 60 minutes:

        60mins – 100%
        45mins – 98%
        35mins – 96%
        25mins – 93%
        15mins – 90%
        00mins – 85%

        Though HTC claim at the end of the test if you have more than 70% your battery is fine, I still don’t agree to that being acceptable. Especially as in real world use I can only get 6 hours out of the current handset and I’ve had as much as 37 hours in previous One X’s.

  9. Mattobec says:

    Honestly love the phone. but I am a fairly moderate user and I charge this phone twice a day.

    1. Kevinx says:

      Exactly Matt. SO annoying. I have been communicating with someone on another forum (Vodafone) who claims he gets 1.5 – 2.0 days!!

      Did you carry out the battery test?

  10. hate t c says:

    mine has a serious issue. i am extremely disappointed in this one. it doesn’t last more than 4 hrs and often enough even 3 hours on a full charge. i do very little. the batt today last 3 hrs 10 mins and all i had done was send 2 emails, took 1 pic, and ocassionally check for updates (new sms, email or anything). i’ve now reached a point where I’m anxious when i leave the house because i know this is going to let me down. I’m definitel storming into the htc office tmr to sort this one out. this ABSOLUTE rubbish.

  11. Barry says:

    There appears to be some quality control issue here, I am fine, it appears there’s a lot of unhappy users here.

    I am a light-moderate user, 30 min call via bluetooth, a few sms, whatsapp, 10-20 mins browsing and about 30 mins of music via bluetooth. Wifi/3G always connected. From 100% battery life at 8.30am it can last me to 7pm with about 50% left. 

    Not awesome battery life, but it gets through my day quite comfortably and I do get the feeling the phone battery life is getting better (at least not worsening) with more cycles and after the 1.29 update.

  12. From
    a number of tests I have been carrying out, I have come to the
    conclusion that the HTC OneX battery life IS RUBBISH. HTC take note..

    When they carried out their various reviews, it MUST have been with
    the phone on standby. Okay, in that manner you’ll probably get over 16
    hours of use (non use).

    However, should you actually USE the phone, as one may NORMALLY
    EXPECT TO (albeit moderately), then expect at least 12% battery use PER
    HOUR, and that’s with MODERATE use, NO playing music, NO playing videos.
    Simply looking at Facebook, e-mails, and maybe a couple of web page

    Battery use is RUBBISH on the OneX

  13. AndrewLees says:

    I don’t get this at all!  I am currently on day 3 without having to charge my One X.  I have used it moderately and have not played games on it.  However, I’ve listened to music for several hours, browsed the web on both hsd and wifi, I have taken a few photos (not many), used tapatalk quite a bit and made a few phone calls.  Okay I’m down to just shy of 20% battery remaining, but it’s been 3 days!  This is very good.  Sure, if your going to raise all those cores up by gaming then the batteries will drain in no time. 

  14. Pauloselhombre says:

    Odd that your tests show the One S lagging behind on the battery front, as every other test or review I’ve seen has claimed the One S has excellent battery life, far in excess of the One X.

  15. Salian Sainath says:

    I agree HTC one x battery truly sucks. I use only business apps Namely emails, gtalk and fb. Hope HTC takes note of this review and contacts me.

  16. Roudsterooo says:

    If you only would remember to turn some apps off before just puttin the phone into pocket, it would really help im just saying. My OneX works through the day perfectly with 20+% battery life and i listen to music/ read fb and news a lot.

  17. Scott says:

    I have the international htc one x; the battery life is good, but heavy heavy users might not make it a whole day.

  18. Squi says:

    Battery test on my four month old HTC ONe X went as follows ;60mins – 100%
    45mins – 94%
    30mins – 88%
    15mins – 81%
    00mins – 76%

    HTC’s claim at the end of the test is such that once you have more than 70%
    your battery is fine… They are out of their mind. The above results translate to only 5-6 hrs with the screen asleep . With moderate use of the phone ( i get approximately 3-4hrs) I will see if i can replace the battery with a brand new one and compare the battery test results when i initially install the new battery and after some months have elapsed. I am hoping its just a faulty/inferior battery i currently have installed and this is not the standard.

  19. Chappers72 says:

    I reckon the htc one x battery is rubbish compaired to the galaxy s3 as i have both fones and htc has to be charged 2-3 times a day with games and browsing and emails