LG LS970 ICS smartphone possibly heading for Sprint

Well now it appears that there is a possibility that a new LG Android Ice Cream Sandwich smartphone could arrive in the good old US of A later this year, an ICS LTE enabled smartphone currently known as the LG LS970, which word has it could hit US shelves under the moniker of the LG G.

According to the guys over at Ubergizmo, by way of Brief Mobile, as this Android Ice Cream sandwich LG handset sports the LS### model number, there is a good possibility that this smartphone will head for Sprint, as that number is the product code for the US carrier.

Furthermore as the LG LS970, or LG G if it surfaces with that particular moniker is an LTE device it’s quite likely that the handset is destined for Sprint’s Now Network.

Apparently the specifications for the LG LS970 include a 4.7-inch HD touch screen along with Android Ice Cream Sandwich OS of course and a 1.5GHz quad core processor, whilst the Brief Mobile guys suggest that display could be a True HD IPS display and the processor could possibly be a TI OMAP5 s that particular processor is quad core and allows for LTE connectivity.

Other than that there’s not a great deal known about this new LG Android smartphone, other than the device is expected to become available in Q4 2012, but as none of this has been confirmed, one should for now take it all as rumour, and of course we’ll keep you updated as an when we hear.

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