O2 announce European roaming plan

We are nearing the busy time of year when many of us will be on our travels abroad for our annual summer holiday, and it’s at this time if we take our mobile phones with us that can result in expensive bills a month later. Today though UK carrier O2 has announced its European data roaming plan.

The carrier has revealed a packaged titled O2 Travel, which according to Mobile News offers customers 25MB of data per day for £1.99 when they travel outside of the UK into Europe. This news comes a day after the European Union voted for new roaming charging caps. The new service will launch the same time the new EU roaming caps come into force.

Subscribers will also be charged a one off payment of 50p for each call made while in Europe, with minutes coming out of their normal monthly allowances as usual. The plan will be offered to customers from July as the new European Union laws come into force, which will force operators to cap call, SMS, and data charges for users travelling within the EU.

Prepay customers on the O2 network will also be able to make use of the 25MB £1.99 data offer as well, but will still be charged the EU set rate of 29p per minute for voice calls, and they will be charged 8p to receive a call but these rates are subject to change until June 1st.

The carrier said it made its decision to offer the service following customer research found that sixty percent of UK residents used mobile data while travelling abroad, and mobile data usage was doubling each year while people are on holiday. It was also found that France and Spain were the most popular destinations for UK residents to make calls from while abroad.

Do you use your mobile phone while abroad on holiday?

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