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Android enthusiasts will be interested in the latest news from Google regarding the Nexus phones as it seems multiple OEMs are to be used for the Android Jelly Bean Google Nexus smartphone. The new phones are set to release in time for Thanksgiving to take advantage of the busy holiday season, in a major turnaround of how Google usually operates.

Up to 5 manufacturers are to be used for the next Nexus handset and each phone will run on the Android Jelly Bean operating system and will be sold unlocked. They will be sold directly to customers, completely bypassing carriers. Customers in the US, Europe and Asia will be able to purchase direct from Google’s website and then possibly through other retailers. Although this is an unusual development from Google it makes sense and many customers will be delighted that they will be able to purchase the next Nexus from a choice of OEMs.

Of course this will mean the full price will need to be paid on purchase but it will give multiple benefits to consumers. Firstly they get the choice of manufacturer and secondly owners of the new device won’t be subject to carrier influence for when they will get future software updates. Only a couple of days ago we told how US Galaxy S2 owners are still waiting for the latest ICS update even though it’s available in other regions, so this will be news that will please many.

Finally the next Nexus will of course be carrying stock Android ROM, a big plus for Android enthusiasts, and avoiding the use of carriers means they can’t interfere by preloading apps and having control over the services that run on the device. The news comes to us from GSM Arena, sourced by a report on the WJS and negates the speculation that Motorola would be chosen to make the next Nexus handset. This suggestion arose because of Google’s current moves to acquire Motorola Mobility.

As yet there’s no news on which OEM’s will be used for the Jelly Bean Nexus but of course we’ll be bringing you further developments as we hear them. This all sounds like exciting stuff and we imagine that most Android fans will be pretty pleased at the idea of the next Nexus phone from multiple OEMs. We’re really interested to know what you think though so do send us your comments on this.

Are you delighted that the Jelly Bean Nexus phone will be available from various manufacturers and not subject to carrier interference? Maybe you’re more concerned about having to pay the full purchase price upfront?


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