BBC UNSC mistake prompts relevant Halo apps

The BBC made a vital mistake and aired the UNSC logo from Microsoft’s Halo when Sophie Raworth reported the news about United Nations Security Council; this has prompted us to find Halo apps that contain the real UNSC within.

The Telegraph reported that next to the Amnesty symbol behind the newsreader was not the normal light blue of the UNSC symbol, but black and gold logo the computer game organisation use. We will mention a little about two Android apps that have UNSC, the Halo games franchise and consists of the United Nations Space Command (UNSC).

The first app via Google Play is called “Halo Quiztacular”, which is free basically asks questions about the Halo series. They have questions covering everything about Halo such as “In Halo Wars you are able to call in orbital assistance from what UNSC Ship and what is the covenant name for grunts?” Take a look and see what you think.

The next app for Android is called “Spartan Warfare” also free via Google Play, this apps developer explains that Microsoft scrapped the MMORPG Project and decided to bring users the Spartan Warfare community fan site MMORPG. This app allows you to train your character and raise a army of friends to defeat enemies etc, it also allows app users to choose between UNSC, Covenant or Flood and the chance for you to join thousands of players. This is a web-based app so you do need interent connection to continue the enjoyment. Some have even said this app is highly addictive so please let us know what you think.

Got anything to say about these apps or any of the Halo games? If the answer is yes please use the commenting area provided below, thanks. Oh, just to let you know that the Spartan Warfare offers free points for rating and reviewing this app, read the apps description for more info on this. You can also download SWF: Netbook Edition 2012 or visit www.spartanwarfare.com/mobile if you have a mobile phone.