Google to beat Apple to the punch with Maps news

In just over a week’s time we will see the start of this year’s WWDC event in San Francisco, and it is now widely believed that Apple will give the world the first look at iOS 6 and the rumoured new map service the company is allegedly working on, but it seems Google are going to beat Apple to the punch with maps news after announcing their own event.

As PCWorld are reporting Google has sent out press invites to an event next week to talk about the “next dimension” of the Google Maps service, and this will come five days before Apple is expected to announce it is going to ditch Google Maps in favour of its own in-house offering.

The event is promising to give a “behind the scenes look at Google Maps and share our vision”, and the company is also promising a look at some new upcoming features that are promised will help people to reach their destinations “both physically and virtually”.

As we first told you last month it is rumoured that Apple is going to drop Google Maps from the next version of iOS, after the company bought up a number of companies to help develop its own in house mapping service. It seems Google may be looking to pre-empt Apple’s announcement by revealing some new features for its own service.

While we won’t know for sure what Google is planning until the event on June 6th, you would have thought we may see some new 3D mapping similar to what Apple is rumoured to announce for iOS 6. There is the chance that Google will expand local business search in its Maps application as well as providing users more recommendations on where to go.

It will be interesting to see what both companies have to offer and luckily we haven’t got too much longer to wait. Will you be disappointed if Apple ditches Google Maps?


One thought on “Google to beat Apple to the punch with Maps news”

  1. unlockworldwide says:

    Do I understand that the TomTom will be joining BlackBerry in the “Once Famous” Hall of Fame (followed within a generation by Apple) ?

    My fear is that Darth Google KNOWS that I own an Apple !!!!

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