Cricket Wireless vs Virgin Mobile with prepaid iPhone: Update

The various versions of the Apple iPhone remain one of the most sought after smartphones available to consumers, and there are now becoming more ways for people to pick one up. Today for US consumers we are looking at Cricket Wireless vs the Virgin Mobile prepaid iPhone.

About a week ago we told you that Cricket Wireless were planning on becoming the first fully prepaid carrier to offer consumers the iPhone in the US, but as Cnet are reporting the carrier will soon have some competition in the prepaid iPhone market. This is because Sprint’s Virgin Mobile offering is set to provide the Apple iPhone for use on a pay as you go basis, and the carrier is expected to officially announce the news later this week

It is thought that the device will become available from as early as July 1st, and comes after Leap Wireless Cricket revealed that it planned to offer the iPhone from the 22nd of June for consumers using its prepaid wireless service.

There has been no details revealed so far about Sprint’s pricing, but Cricket is planning to offer the 8GB version of the iPhone 4 for $399.99, while the 16GB iPhone 4S will sell for $499.99. As we reported before Crickets no contract plan costs consumers $55 per month and includes unlimited voice minutes, SMS messages, and includes 2.3 GB of data.

The carrier will slow or throttle the connection down once the 2.3 GB data limit has been passed, but so far there is no information regarding how much the monthly charge will be on Virgin Mobile. The carrier does already offer a similar plan that costs $35 per month that has 2.5 GB of data before throttling starts.

It is being suggested that this move by Sprint may help the carrier meet its commitment to purchase $15.5 billion worth of iPhones from Apple in the next four years.Update: Virgin have confirmed that the iPhone will be coming on June 29th with monthly plans costing from $30 per month, and the iPhone 4S 16GB will cost $649 with the iPhone 4 8GB costing $549. For more information click here.

Will you be planning on getting the iPhone on a prepaid plan?


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