Mystery AT&T Samsung Galaxy S3 in Red

Although the Samsung Galaxy S3 (S III) has already arrived in some regions the U.S. is still eagerly awaiting its appearance. We’ve been hearing various details of the stateside release on various carriers and although there’s no confirmed AT&T release date yet, we have now heard that pre-orders are available from today (June 6) as well as news that AT&T is set to carry a mystery red Galaxy S3.

We have already told how Sprint and T-Mobile will release the Galaxy S3 on June 21 while a rumored date for the Verizon variant is July 5. Hopefully AT&T will also release in June rather than later but rather intriguingly while the other 3 major carriers seem to be offering the Galaxy S3 in 16 or 32GB models at $199 or $249 respectively, AT&T only has the 16GB model up for pre-order, again priced at $199. Regional network U.S. Cellular will also be carrying the Galaxy S3 16/32GB variants and pre-orders begin on June 12 but the release will not be until some time in July.

We previously informed that it looks as though US carrier variants will look the same as the international version, apart from carrier branding of course. Previously US carriers have insisted on changes to the standard Galaxy S phones, such as capacitive touch buttons instead of a physical home key but it does look so far as though the physical home button will appear on the US variants this time around. Purported images of the Verizon and T-Mobile Galaxy S3 certainly appear to be identical to the international model and AT&T’s also looks the same.

The latest AT&T news came to us from Tech Crunch who also informs that AT&T is to offer a red version of the Galaxy S3. While the Galaxy S3 has been available in Marble White or Pebble Blue for other regions and also for the other US carriers, we’ve seen no mention of a red version before but apparently this will be exclusive to AT&T. Maybe opting for a Galaxy S3 color option that no other carrier has is AT&T’s way of making its variant stand out then.

As for AT&T not appearing to offer the 32GB version, Tech Crunch points out that there will be a promotion for customers to get a cheaper 16GB microSD card so speculates that maybe the carrier has passed on the 32GB model for the exclusive red model. Of course we have no way of knowing this but it certainly seems possible. The red AT&T Galaxy S3 is set to be launched later this summer but at present we don’t know if this means it will release at the same time as the blue or white versions on AT&T or whether it will follow later. There are no official images yet of the red Galaxy S3 so we’ve shown a mock-up of it, courtesy of Tech Crunch at the top of this story.

As with other US variants of the Galaxy S3, the NVIDIA quad-core processor will be replaced with the Snapdragon S4 dual-core and the AT&T Galaxy S3 will also feature 4G LTE connectivity and 2GB of RAM. If you want to check out AT&T’s teaser page for the Galaxy S3 head here where you’ll see that pre-orders are now open although only the blue or white color options are showing at the moment.

What are your thoughts on AT&T pre-orders for the Galaxy S3 now being available? Will you be waiting for the exclusive red variant or would you rather AT&T had simply offered the 32GB version that seems to be absent at present? Let us know with your comments.


25 thoughts on “Mystery AT&T Samsung Galaxy S3 in Red”

    1. Debbie says:

      The article clearly states that the NVIDIA quad-core processor has been replaced on US variants with the Snapdragon S4. Thanks for reading though.

      1. Aznlaxer30 says:

        Stacky is talking about the derp mentioning that the international version of the SIII is an Exynos quad core chip, not an Nvidia tegra 3 chip. her der

    1. techguest says:

      you’re an idiot. get you an SD card, and you won’t have problems. It supports up to 64GB external storage. Get a class 6 or higher and you won’t notice any issues. Class 10 is the best you can get.

  1. Brandon VanDeusen says:

    Haha, how I laugh at those who cry about a phone not on their provider in the color and sd card installed in the device…. and yes i know it is referring to internal, on board is only partial memory any way. service is still primary role. yes i would wait for what i wanted if carrying another good device, but not leaving top GSM services state side…

      1. Neoedge says:

        The performance difference between external SD and internal memory is huge; no thanks, not playing with only 16GB anymore.  32 or 64GB please.

    1. cajun says:

      i’m in the same boat, i will not upgrade without the 32. there’s no excuse for at&t to not offer the 32 gb version just to opt for an exclusive color. its pure bullshit. give us the 32 gb like the other big carriers. if i didn’t have an unlimited data plan i’d drop at&t in a heartbeat.

  2. Nibotsgt says:

    I want the 32gb, I might just put some more money together and buy a 64gb international version. I’m disappointed with AT&T aswell.

  3. Gjj0107 says:

    i’ll wait to see if att brings out the 32 and red seems nice, maybe they’ll do that together although their news bulletin is pushing for the sd card which you can buy on amazon for $5

  4. Guest says:

    Why are people complaining? The GSM GNex was only 16GB and NOT expandable…i have 153 apps on my 16GB atrix with 923MB left on INTERNAL memory and only a few games have data on my external SD card and I see no real-world performance lag when playing a game that requires external SD data as opposed to internal SD data. Maybe an Android developer needs to make an app that uses a screenshot of the app loading to fool you into thinking it’s loading faster from the external SD card than it actually is. Oh wait…Apple would sue over that one too huh?

  5. yoyo mama says:

    i dont get it why is it that att will take out the dual core processor when there is a quad core processor that is supposebly better?? correct me if i am wrong…

    1. Watchdog43 says:

      Good question, my thoughts are AT&T if you have 4G LTE in your area, seems they are expanding these areas quite a bit now too….
      Also seeing the AT&T version is a dual core vs. international’s quad core battery life may be better with the US version.. Like you I’m not sure which would be better seeing my area is still not a LTE area BUT I have rooted my GSII and will root my GSIII when I do get one and seeing sales for the GSIII are already through the roof I would think ROMs for the AT&T version here in the US will be plentiful, with the International version their ROMs may be a plentiful also but may not work as well here in the US.. 

  6. Jessica says:

    Here are
    some things to consider before ordering a S3 phone.

    1. there is
    a major difference in ordering the phone with 16 or 32gb of memory:

    yes you can
    install the optional SD card for up to another 32gb of ram, but it will not be
    the same type of memory.

    memory, the 16 or 32, or 64 currently runs at class 7 speed or better. the
    external SD Cards run from class 1 to class 6 max thus internal memory is
    faster and can be necessary if recording in 1080 and taking photos at the same
    time, though in most other applications outside of video or photos it will not
    make a major difference. btw, optional SD Cards also go up in price from class
    1 to class 6

    2. the
    reason the 4 core cpu could not be used in the US is because they could not
    install the radio chip on it that allows communication at up to 54mbps (4G LTE)
    this is what is offered now in the US by some carriers like AT&T and
    Sprint. some of the other carriers only have a modified version of the 4G, not
    true 4G. the difference from 3G to the modified, sort of 4G is up to ten times
    faster than 3G. true 4g LTE is many times that.

    4G will
    greatly help the crowed 3G data plans bottle necks which cannot run at 3G speed
    simply because they are all overloaded.

    4G will also
    help with what many refer to as dropped calls, but this will not truly be
    implemented until all carriers are using 4G LTE. AT&T currently only covers
    about 1/4 of the US right now and are quickly upgrading to accommodate their
    whole network.

    3. yes, the
    international version of the S3 has the 4 core phone and the US version only
    has the 2 core cpu, yet, what is not clearly understood is most ALL
    applications for ALL the phones right now are only written for one core. the
    world is only beginning to see a few apps written for dual core. it will be a
    year or more, if ever, apps are written for 4 cores. in the computer world dual
    or 4 core is referred to as a program being multi-threaded. in the main PC or
    Apple world there have been multi-threaded programs available for perhaps 10
    years, still, to date, only a few programs are written to be multi-threaded
    such as photo shop or animation programs. so when will multi-threaded programs
    appear on cell phones, hmmm, i am thinking i do not need to run out and get a
    four core phone anytime this calendar year for sure so the dual core running at
    1.5mhz in one sense is actually faster than the 4 cour running at 1.4mhz. the
    part which is important and is up and running at AT&T and Sprint is 4G LTE
    though not throughout the US as yet, only selected areas.

    4. also not
    understood by most is the i-phone 4s, it is a 3G phone, not a 4G phone though
    it is hoped the new i-phone coming out later this year will be 4GLTE and have a
    bigger screen.

    i hope this
    answers some of the questions

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