iOS 6 Beta video shows off cool features

Well now for your you iOS faithful out there that are waiting for Apple to deliver iOS 6, which is expected to happen during WWDC 2012 next week, obviously you’d like some word on just what iOS 6 has to offer in the way of cool features, and it seems that a video showing off iOS 6 features has now hit the net waves.

Naturally we have that iOS 6 Beta (Build 10B24) video footage for your viewing consideration below, which comes our way courtesy of the guys over at Cult of Mac and by way of YouTube user Jaketechwizard, and delivers an almost three and a half minute look at what iOS 6 Beta has to offer.

In the footage we get to see such stuff as a new ‘iStore’ and Dictionary apps, multitasking enhancements, improvements to Spotlight search and more.

However it seems that it is somewhat unclear as to whether this iOS 6 Beta (Build 10B24) footage is the real deal, and the guys say that there is a fairly good chance that it is fake but a good fake nevertheless with all the demonstrated changes seemingly plausible features for iOS 6.

But according to some posts over on Reddit, it appears that this iOS 6 Beta video is a fake as one post is apparently from an iOS developer and checked to make sure if there was an iOS 6 beta available, and apparently there isn’t, whilst other posts all say roughly the same, that the footage is fake.

Anyway, for what its worth, head on down and mash that play button to check out the iOS 6 video, and feel free to express your own opinions on the footage to our comments area below…enjoy.


10 thoughts on “iOS 6 Beta video shows off cool features”

  1. Tommy says:

    Unfortunately, anyone can browse the iPod filesystem and edit SystemLibraryCoreServicesSystemVersion.plist to display “productversion” as 6.0 and “productbuildversion” as 10B24. And I have half of these jailbreak tweaks already. Not to say this video is fake, but, if this really is all that the beta has to offer… Apple really does miss Steve.

  2. Jesselav1233 says:

    I recently switched from a Samsung galaxy s2 to an iPhone 4s I have to say if apple doesn’t step up iOS 6 more then this apple can kiss my sales goodbye because I’ll be going back to Sammy!

  3. Joepeoples says:

    It’s not even an IPhone he’s using in the video.  I agree with Tommy, people have jailbreak iPhone’s and tweak them since the iPhone3G was out.  Look carefully people it’s an iPod touch he’s using. 

  4. Link_skywalker says:

    Did he search for “scream”? I didn’t finish the video because I was scared lol. I noticed it was
    An iPod touch, but how did he have Siri?

  5. Battery Tech says:

    All of these advanced updates and still no improvements on the battery life. 
    What a bummer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

  6. Jean says:

    I have the beta for iPod Touch 4G and none of these features (except for passbook) are included… Do it is fake, although i am on build 10AK3 and he is on supposed 10b24.

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