Seas0nPass and Sn0wBreeze 2.9.6 updates for Apple TV 5.0.2

Those of you who use Apple TV may be pleased to hear that following the new firmware ATV 5.0.2 there have been updates for both Seas0nPass and Sn0wBreeze to 2.9.6. The updates may not support third-generation Apple TVs but it’s pretty amazing that jailbreakers have already updated their utilities to support the latest firmware.

The ATV 5.0.2 firmware was only issued on Tuesday for Apple TVs (second and third-generation) and the ATV support page now shows the latest TV software update as 5.0.2. It appears to be a very minor update as the only change that Apple has listed on the support page is an alteration to parental controls regarding the iTunes Store in Australia.

News that Seas0nPass and Sn0wBreeze have already been updated comes to us from iDownloadBlog. First came the news that FireCore had updated Seas0nPass so that those with Apple TVs (second-generation) can jailbreak their devices with this untethered solution. Head to this iDownload Blog downloads page for the jailbreak tool link.

Next came the news that Sn0wBreeze v2.9.6 is also now available, courtesy of iH8sn0w. This tool not only supports the latest ATV 5.0.2 update but also includes a feature enabling users to resize the root partition of their ATVs. As with Seas0nPass, this is also untethered for ATV 2G and not suitable for Apple TVs third-generation. You can see the download link at the same downloads page linked to in the previous paragraph but this one is only available for Windows.

Maybe we shouldn’t continue to be so surprised at the speed with which hackers manage to jailbreak software updates, especially as this latest ATV firmware update was a minor one. However with these feats seemingly being achieved more and more quickly we wonder where it will all stop. As usual we’d like to point out that we cannot recommend readers jailbreak their devices but as we know how many of you enjoy doing so we’ll at least bring you the details.

Have you already used the updated Sn0wBreeze or Seas0nPass? Let us know if it all went smoothly by sending your comments below.

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