WWDC 2012 banners hint at iOS 6 but no iPhone 5: Update

We are only a couple of days away now from the annual WWDC event in San Francisco where historically Apple has showcased its latest iPhone, but that all changed last year and even though it is thought the same situation will occur this year some may be hoping that we will see a new iPhone. Today we have news of some more WWDC 2012 banners going up that hint at iOS 6 among other things, but no iPhone 5.

A few days ago the first banners started going up at the events location advertising this year’s event, but now as AppleInsider is reporting more are going up advertising some of the things we will see over the next few days. Last year the late Steve Jobs introduced Apple fans to a new version of iOS, iCloud, and OS X with the company seemingly building on the same content this year.

An iOS 6 banner has been seen with the message of “the world’s most advanced mobile operating system”, while the OS X banner without the word ‘Mac’ is being advertised as “the world’s most advanced desktop operating system”.

The iCloud banner just has the services icon and other banners that have been spotted on other floors are advertising AirPlay that made its debut in iOS 5, and this is expected to be included in OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion this year. This annual event is aimed at iOS and OS X developers but over the years Apple also used it to showcase new products, until last year where no new iPhone device was seen until October.

The new iOS 6 operating system is expected to bring Apple’s own in house mapping system that will reportedly replace Google Maps, and is thought to support 3D imagery. While Apple may not be advertising the fact that the iPhone 5 is coming next week, it is pretty obvious even if it were they wouldn’t advertise the fact in advance.

Apple has historically operated in a clock and dagger way leading up to new product launches, and in the past they have pulled out some surprises. So while it is doubtful we will see the iPhone 5 next week, with Apple you never know. Update: The guys over at 9To5 Mac have an image that can be seen below of an iOS 6 banner that shows a new logo with the words “The world’s most advanced mobile operating system”.

Do you think the iPhone 5 will be revealed later in the year or next week?


25 thoughts on “WWDC 2012 banners hint at iOS 6 but no iPhone 5: Update”

  1. Jack says:

    The have to if they want to keep their status as the top smartphone company alive. However to be honest I can’t see them topping the Galaxy S3 but I hope they do as it will encourage  competition for a phone I will actually buy.

  2. Mobilefan says:

    They are afraid from the competition they are getting from Samsung.If they are brave enough with the brand and confident , they should go ahead with the Iphone 5 release on jun11.It will show who is more powerful.Am afraid , Deffinitely Apple is losing out to samsung and it will be proved in the coming weeks.SAMSUNG RULES!!!

    1. Jonathan Morrison says:

      Yea if Apple doesn’t release/announce a new iPhone next week @ WWDC 2012, then everyone is going to lose interest in the iPhone in general, and if they don’t announce it @ WWDC 2012 and if they do at some event in October then everyone isn’t really going to care. Plus Apple made everybody rock the iPhone 4 for an extra 4 months, the iPhone 4S has been out for 8 months add those 4 months and Apple will make up for it @ WWDC 2012. APPLE HAS TO ANNOUNCE THE NEW IPHONE!! If they don’t they risk losing 10’S of 1,000’S of customers

  3. Kevanhoulihan says:

    This is the year the iPhone falls from grace. There is far too much competition that are leaps and bounds ahead of the famous Apple product. It’s now time for Samsung to shine. Apple it was a good run with your iPhone but I’m sorry to say, you’ve reached the finish line in second place. 

    1. Sadhiul says:

      Apple the most advanced os, nothin will ever beat it, nor put a competition, only way to be as good is to duplicate the os and make it better !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        1. Jonathan Morrison says:

          Ok so I get a T-Mobile Galaxy SII, Wait 8 Months for a Software Update, After the international version got it 7 Months ago? Yea at least with iOS you get an update to ALL IOS DEVICES every 1-3 Months. And walk in to a Apple Store when your iPhone isn’t working and walk out with a Brand New one (Refurbished) after 20 minutes? Yea I will trade me iPhone for a Android phone any day!!:)

          1. iPhone 5 says:

            I had a problem with my iPhone and the girl at the genius bar wanted to upgrade me to a 4, but somehow they restored my phone and it works fine now, I still have the 3, decided to wait til the 5 comes out.

          2. iPhone 5 says:

            But yes apple store and apple have better products than samsung or droid. I’m looking to buy my 5th iPod in a few weeks, its user friendly and it just works. Also there isn’t any weird names like droid has.

    2. Dalton says:

      Y hate the IPhone it’s a great device and where on the S3 can u update ur pics,contacts the list goes on and on and if the worst should happen iCloud can make it feel like u never lost ur phone Samsung isn’t even in the same sport never mind the same league.

  4. Tfl says:

    Nope i disagree
    event though the other phones have better hardware stats, m it all comes down to the software on my iphone still being far better to use than my symbian or android phones iv had.

  5. Anthony Portelli says:

    IOS 6, but IOU far more.  I would rather an operating system called iOS 6, than one called Icecream Sandwich, or whatever it’s called.

  6. Guest says:

    anybody who keeps saying samsung rules and the s3 is cool and will beat apple iphone are deluded. the s3 drops calls worse than the iphone 4 did. the facial recognition security feature can be over come easy as pie as i have hacked it already. a phone is only as good as the ecosystem and apps etc and that is where android falls down. i had an android and i never had 1 update in more than 12 months. the apps are ok but not quite as polished plus you are more likely to be victim of rogue apps on android than apple. apple is not perfect nor is android but the iphone is better, every time a new android or other phone is released and anti-apple people say this is where the iphone falls down yo get proved wrong. apple has too much momentum and will always be right up there, if not on the top rung of the ladder then certainly the next 1 down. get used to it and no im not an apple fanboi, i just have a brain and can use it.
    feel free to jump up and down about how im wrong and how you cant hack the fact someone has a different view point to yours. independent surveys show that more than 70% of iphone users would upgrade and stick with the iphone as they were extremely satisfied with it, android is no where near that figure.

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