Motorola Droid Bionic ICS 4.0 release nearing

Apple made a big thing about the fragmentation on the Android platform at yesterdays WWDC keynote speech, and for actual users of the platform it can be frustrating waiting months for new software to arrive, and today we have news that the Motorola Droid Bionic ICS 4.0 release could be nearing.

Motorola themselves have said that the Ice Cream Sandwich update would be arriving for the handset during the third quarter of this year, but as GottaBe Mobile are reporting that the release of the update is on schedule as a test build has emerged. Apparently a test build surfaced over the weekend and was found by the Cheesecake application.

This app works its way through servers that are used by Motorola to host files, and it seems it stumbled across a Droid Bionic Ice Cream Sandwich build. While this may not seem like big news to some especially as it currently can’t be flashed, but it does show that work is well underway with Motorola getting the software ready for the smartphone.

Previously the manufacturer has given a quarter 3 rollout for the software, which leaves owners with a date of anytime between July through to September, but as a test build of the operating system is already out in the wild may mean the ICS update for the Droid Bionic is closer than was previously thought.

While it can’t be guaranteed when it will be released officially it would be nice if it is as early as next month. Motorola and Verizon arguably owe Droid Bionic owners something after delaying the release of the device until September 2011, and then releasing the Motorola Droid RAZR quickly after, which is arguably a better handset.

Hopefully the software is pushed out as quickly as possible so owners of the handset don’t have to wait too much longer. Do you own the Motorola Droid Bionic?


8 thoughts on “Motorola Droid Bionic ICS 4.0 release nearing”

  1. Masterchiefb117 says:

    Did some dissecting of the file, a lot of is is useless due to unsign errors and what not, whole XDA and DriodHive coverage on this. But at least it shows some kind attempt on Moto side.

  2. Nhgh says:

    This is how apple gains customers… Never again Android. Ill never buy a phone on a of an upgrade again.

  3. BobHiggins says:

    I’m switching to IPhone when IPhone 5 comes out. I’m done with Android. What is the point, we never get updates to OS’s till much later then it is released. And even then, they are so buggy, you have to go through a bunch of patches before it works. ICS is now an OLD OS, and None of the Motorola phones even has it yet.

    Time to get on the apple bandwagon. 

    1. Guest1 says:

      ICS is now an OLD OS ???

      The current OS on the bionic is leaps and bounds ahead of iPhones OS that isn’t even out yet.   Half the “new” stuff Apple announced yesterday is currently on my “old” Bionic OS.  ICS will only be the cherry on top. 

    2. theox says:

      Another paid Apple poser posting Apple propoganda. These guys are on every website doing a plug for Apple. I guess this is part of Apple’s advertisinng strageyt.

  4. dog1phil says:

    This is all fine and dandy to wish for but realize this Droid Bionic, Love It! is soon to leave Verizon phone lineup due to its shortness of inventory and all the wonderful fascinating new devices that are out or coming…Do you really think the Evil Empire will actually give a new O/S to what they call an outdated device! Its just not good financial business to them! And how many times before have they “changed their minds” due to their financial gains, oh, but only to better our customer experience!