Samsung looking to avoid Galaxy S3 antennagate

Back in the summer of 2010 many will remember the controversy surrounding the iPhone 4 and the grip of death, which led to Apple offering customers a free iPhone 4 bumper to help levitate the problem, and it seems that the Samsung are looking to avoid a Galaxy S3 antennagate.

When the problem was first noticed on the iPhone 4 there were a number of users that reported having no problems at all, and Apple themselves argued that the problem affects all smartphones, but an article on Android Headlines is reporting that Samsung themselves are advising owners of the Galaxy S3 not to hold the handset to tightly at certain parts of it.

These areas of the device are where the handsets main antenna and GPS antenna are located, and below is a diagram from the manual for the Galaxy S3 showing users where the parts are positioned on the handset. It warns that users shouldn’t cover the GPS antenna when using features on the handset that rely on it as it could result in poor performance.

Samsung also warn that if users are experiencing sub-standard audio quality they are advised to make sure they “are not blocking the device’s internal antenna”. While the iPhone 4 antennagate scandal saw some users experiencing dropped calls more than usual, there is no suggestion that early adopters to the Samsung Galaxy S3 are experiencing the same issues.

At the time the late Steve Jobs was reportedly telling people that they were holding the phone wrong after a number of users emailed him to complain about the problem. It’s not really surprising that Samsung has offered this guidance in the manual for the Galaxy S3, as it is pretty obvious that if you hold any handset in a certain way it will block a signal reaching an internal antenna it won’t work as good as it should do.

Have you ever noticed any signal issues on your smartphone when holding it in a certain way?


17 thoughts on “Samsung looking to avoid Galaxy S3 antennagate”

  1. Stevensonja says:

    There are alot of people starting to complain of poor signal strength on the UK forums. I’m one of them. My blackberry curve and Iphone 4 has a perfect vodafone signal in my working seat (for consistency) but the Galaxy s3 on the same network has 0/1 bars. The best explanation I’ve heard is related to a deliberate reduction in radiation emmitted from the device (SARS). Its 4x weaker than the HTC one. It means I have a device that does everything well, apart from making calls.

  2. Al says:

    I’m Having the same problem, its so frustrating. Tried voda/o2/tmob all with same result. Sitting in the same spot if i change to my S2 and ask callers to rate the quality i get between 8 and 10 out of 10. When using the s3 between 3 and 5 out of 10. Its a shame because i really like the s3 for the LED light and the superior sound/screen but alas after ten days its going back. If its not fit for the basic function of calls …

  3. Garindan says:

    I chatted with someone at Samsung, who said to pull the battery for 30 seconds and reboot.  My phone and WIFI signals are way stronger now than they were just minutes before in the same room.

  4. Vousie says:

    Ok, I’ve got the i9300 and it’s working fine never had issues with any reception. Except. I am now in a very low cellphone signal area (everyone is having problems, especially internet, doesn’t matter the phone or the network), and I’m trying to increase reception…
    Well I’ve found with some phones, if you rotate them thy’ll get better reception. This one seems to get the best it can, however you hold it… No antennagate in any case.
    It works well, given the poor signal strength area I’m putting it in.

  5. Empee1968 says:

    On Vodafone, just switched from HTC Desire to Galaxy S3.
    In my home environment, which is a strong VF signal area, laid side by side the
    HTC gets FULL signal, the S3 zero! Call drop outs, even during calls reporting
    problem to Voda. Received replacement S3 handset today under VF 7 day swap out.
    If it demonstrates the same problem, I’m back to HTC – even if the S3 is, all
    other ways, fantastic. Not being able to make and receive calls successfully is
    failure at a most fundamental level. There is a VF Forum thread reporting similar
    instances. Antenna-gate? – could be…..

    1. Jimswood4 says:

      I got a S3 today bad issues with reception…I am going to swap out as well. 

  6. Adrian says:

    Hello all, i do own a galaxy s3 and i had for 1 month many problems with him, like.. low signal, max 1 and half day of battery with low/normal usage. i have tried many many oficial firmwares and same bad results until i installed I9300XXALE8 firmware.
    I have now 3 days 11 hours on battery with 1 hour 10 mins of talk time, 3 hours 45 mins of display on & 14 hours of wifi connected. The signal it’s perfect now and battery same. It’s all a firmware problem. Good Luck !

  7. fogpixie says:

    I’ve had my SGS3 for a little over a month and have been experiencing excessive dropped calls. I retired my Motorola Droid X after two years and I never had a dropped call with it. I googled dropped calls with SGS3 and that’s why I’m here! Apparently I’m not alone! Damn! They better fix this soon! It’s a phone first and foremost! It had better be fixed rapido!

    1. gadgetguru says:

      Same issue here f***kers at Samsung say they will repair it which will be 5-7 days without phone so why dont they replace it the phone is under warranty and i got it excatly before 35 days, S3 might be the latest but Samsung with such cust supp or srevice ur r the Suckiest:-((( f***k it em getting iphone:-):-)

  8. mrnicblack says:

    I have serious signal issues with my S3. I use it in the exact same locations as my last phone (Droid Charge) and get nowhere near the same reception. Dropped calls, weak 3G/4G connectivity, and constant missed calls. Again, same areas of use as the Charge (which had no issues) and the S3 is barely a working device. Great phone…if you don’t actually need your smartphone to be used as a phone. Waiting for some type of update/information from Samsung other than you’re holding the phone wrong. I have the same issues when I’m using speakerphone and not even touching the phone. Time for some real answers Samsung.

  9. billybob says:

    Same as other comments. Verizon “support” first said wait to see if i keep having problems. THEN I was out of the 10 day return policy. They said, “we can only ship you a refurb.”. Ahhh…it’s not a new phone anymore. Then a new tech says, “maybe it’s a software problem.” Nope. Then Samsung: “Thanks for buying our phone. Nope, you can’t return it.” Verizon tech: “All you can do is buy a Network Extender for $250 to run your phone calls via your internet/cable provider.” So much for being excited about the new Galaxy S3! Sorry for the other folks out there that, like me, will never get to a forum like this until AFTER they buy, experience the problem, and have an unreturnable phone.

  10. DavidI. says:

    Same serious signal issues as other comments. Have to put my simcard in my old blackberry to go out of town. Disaster as a phone, and I never play angry birds.

  11. drj says:

    Absolutely the most expensive worse phone in my life! The Galaxy S3 is a must avoid to all who require reliable consistent communication. To all attorneys out there; please rally a huge class action suit against Samsung and the cellphone carriers and please let thIs physician participate.

  12. a says:

    returning mine, same issues, no signal in buildings,cars,trains,.. have to walk several hundred meters to get signal, htc has fine signal, my old nokia never dropped gsm or conversations with same provider

  13. Tripitaka says:

    I am soooo disappointed analy researched, nurded and obsessed about the S3, Its taken a year for me to afford to buy it outright and I am gutted that I have NO reception anywhere in my house and it drops out all the time in other location.

    Its like going back 20 years when I first got a phone and had to hold it up to the window to get a passing beam. My old Nokia N95 however proudly boasts FULL signal with the same network.

    I almost brought the HTC OneX and now wish I had.

    The galaxy is great for everything else….expect being a phone and sending texts!!
    2 week old Galaxy s3 for sale Hardly used.

    1. Shmogt says:

      I think you either got a bad one or live in a weird area. Mine has amazing signal and I am on a crappy provider. Also all older phones have better signal than new smart phones.