Smartphone apps promoting health

Now, you don’t have to worry even if you find yourself in trying times because there’s a perfect place to turn for answers — your smartphone. Whether you want to manage your business in a better way or want some help to live a healthy life, you will always find a number of useful apps that make things easier. You’ll always find a diverse range to choose from, and the same is the case for people searching for smartphone apps that promote health.

In case you’re in a fix and still trying to figure the best apps, here are a few suggestions to consider.

Apps promoting health by offering info about foods:
If you want to improve your chances of living long, you should consider adjusting your diet. You need to know what you eat, how much you eat, and when you eat different foods to keep fit. It’s not easy to keep track of all these things, and that’s when you can make use of following smartphone apps.

DailyBurn is one great choice for iPhone users. It comes with impressive nutritional tracking functionality, which is the most important factor determining your overall health. With over 350,000 different foods in its database, it provides a breakdown of nutritional information for all.

MyNetDiary is another increasingly popular option. It’s an online diet tool and offers a number of mobile applications for Android, iPhone, BlackBerry and even iPad. It’s like a personal secretary to you, as it helps you to record everything you eat daily. Though it’s not free, it offers a great value for your money with all its amazing features and over 102,000 foods available in its database.

People with specific health condition, like the ones suffering from type 1 diabetes, can also find apps that promote general well being. A Low GI Diet is a perfect choice for those who are interested in starting a Low-GI diet mainly to regulate their blood sugar levels. It’s extremely simple to use this app: you just have to enter the name of a food item and the app will tell you if the item has high, low, or medium GI value.

Apps promoting health by offering info about exercises:
When it comes to keeping fit, you always have to follow a combination of good diet and right exercise. Luckily, you can find apps that promote health by helping you keep an eye on how much exercise is important for your body type and weight. In fact, some apps work in such an amazing way that you don’t actually need a coach to maintain better health and fitness. Here are a few nice apps to accomplish the task.

DailyBurn is a perfect app for fitness freaks using iPhone and Android. This free app offers a highly effective and unique fitness and exercise program that helps you burn calories while keeping you motivated all the time. What makes it a real hit is the fact that you can receive new video workout routines on daily basis; it ensure that your fitness adventure stays interesting for you.

iFitness is one outstanding app for Android users. With a database of over 300 exercises and 20 routines as well as video and text instructions, this app will not only keep you on track but it will also help you graph your progress with ease.

Women’s health workouts is one useful option for women who are a tad concerned about their health and fitness. It offers detailed instructions with images for different exercises designed for specific muscle groups like the back, abs, calves, biceps, glutes, chest and more.

So, make sure you have these applications installed on your smartphone, as they promote health in a highly sophisticated way.

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Nancy is basically a health writer who has written many posts on www.casahealth.co.uk and now with Techvert she wants to introduce the best of smart phone apps which can be very useful for tech as well as medical professionals.


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