Comprehensive iOS 6 features roundup made easy

We’ve been bringing you plenty of news about Apple’s next major mobile operating system since details were revealed at WWDC last week. iOS 6 is set to release in the fall and many expect it to tie in with the launch of the iPhone 5. The new operating system will bring with it a huge amount of new features and it can be pretty difficult to keep up with all the details and so today we have news of a comprehensive iOS 6 features roundup.

One of the biggest changes is the new Maps app that departs from using Google and other additions and improvements for iOS 6 that we’ve told you about in recent days include emergency and disaster alerts, stricter user permissions and some of the ways that iOS 6 may change the way we use our iPads. There’s a whole swathe of improvements though and what better way to keep informed than a list that will be updated as each new feature comes to light.

That’s where a useful report on iDownload Blog comes to light. They’ve come up with a detailed list of iOS 6 features split into various categories for easy reference. Categories include the Phone app, Facebook integration, enhancements to the FaceTime app, upgrades to Siri, the aforementioned Maps app, minor changes to the Clock app and Safari enhancements. Other categories are changes to the Photos app, details of a new app called Passbook, a new Mail app, the redesigned App Store, changes to Settings and finally a Miscellaneous section.

Each category then includes a list of the differences that will come with iOS 6. For example under the Mail category there are details on changes such as VIP lists, Pull-to-refresh and In-app attachments while under the Safari category you’ll see further details under iCloud Tabs, Offline Reading List, Media uploads and Full-Screen. There are various new changes under the Miscellaneous category too, such as a separate Podcast app, Retina friendly shutdown spinner, a new UI in the Music app and Custom Dictionary in the cloud to name but a few.

Ultimately we have to say this is an extremely useful list and we have no hesitation in recommending it. Remember though that iOS 6 will not be coming to the original iPad but will support the iPhone 3GS onwards as well as the iPad 2 and new iPad (3rd gen) as we told here. We shall of course continue to bring you developments about the next iOS upgrade and have already begun our iOS 6 countdown until its release in the fall. If you want to check out our iOS 6 articles so far then head here.

Let us have your comments on iOS 6. Which of the changes or improvements that you’ve heard of so far will be the most important to you? Are there other changes that you’d hoped for that have not come about?


10 thoughts on “Comprehensive iOS 6 features roundup made easy”

  1. MajorFubar says:

    Shame Google Maps is going.  Apple on’t have the resources or the interest to implement anything near as good as Google Maps.  Sure it’ll be great if you live in the States, but as for the other 6.7 billion peole in the world…

      1. Kelly74 says:

        I personally don’t think tomtom maps are going to be anywhere near as good or as detailed as google maps. I have the latest tomtom europe maps installed on my iPhone 4, but there are lots of missing roundabouts and side roads, thats if im lucky orher times i find myself driving down a country lane which is still a frequently used road by motorists but tomtom map shows I’m driving through a big green field. So I have to use google maps to find exactly where I am, I think apple are making a mistake getting rid of google maps, but hey you can’t please everyone, will wait and see if apple make or break with their iPhone 5 and iOS 6!

        1. For starters, as sad as it might be to see google maps integration in the apple ios go away, it only makes sense.  Google’s products and Android OS are in direct competition with Apple.  In a way it would be like Apple or Microsoft saying they are going to slipstream and integrate the other companies OS into their own..   Doesn’t make sense to incorporate your competitor’s stuff into your own if you plan on setting yourself apart from them…

          On the subject of using Tom Tom…  I can’t speak directly on them as I have never used a Tom tom device.  I have however used Garmin products for some time.  And quite frankly prefer it above and beyond google maps, mapquest or yahoo maps.  I have been down many roads here in the United States that my Garmin knew about and it showed up on my Garmin well before the road showed up on google, yahoo or mapquest…

          1. kelly74 says:

            Hi there, yes I agree with you about apple moving away from google maps as they are both competing against each other. I have had a garming nuvi model in the past and found it to be worse then the tomtom gps units, having said that I live in the uk so even Siri on the iPhone 4s doesn’t work very well, I have heard in the US it works very well. Anyway I’m not really here to make a point or anything, I just wanted to let you know that I find google maps work the best for me. The only problem with google maps it that it consumes a lot of my data allowance. Haha funny because I lose both ways, tomtom missing half the roads in the uk and google eat all my data plan!!

          2. kelly74….  I didn’t take offense to anything you said…  And wasn’t trying to come across as attacking you.  So I am sorry if it came across that way.  It’s actually kind of humorous to me to know and think that something will work so well here but not there where you live.  And Vise versa…  Work so well there and not work worth a darn here…  They do the same to us here in the states with the data thing…  Give you an app that works well…  But eats up a ton of your data package…  Then not give you an unlimited data package.  Welcome to a corporate world right…  A place where everyone wants their fair hare of the money!!!  🙂

          3. Smellykelly74 says:

            Hi Joshua, please there is absolutely no need for you to apologise, there was nothing threatening in your comment whatsoever. I was only expressing my experience with the garmin nuvi and the tomtom maps. You are spot on about the the fact of these “corporate money making machines”. I have 500mb data plan a month which cost me £36. I could easily upgrade to a higher limit but it costs far too much. Im afraid we have no choice but to live with it. Living without it for me would be hard as I’m so used to having Internet on the go, to check my emails, search places etc etc. Anyway it has been an absolute pleasure chatting with a educated & civilised person as yourself, often when I comment on a page and I get nothing but abuse by people who have no regards or respect for other peoples opinions. Thanks again. Have a good one!!

          4. Masada Ab says:

            Google maps on android devices are far greater then what we have on apple but seen as google won’t let apple have the upgraded version if they wish to improve on there maps apple have no choice but to move away from google and do there own

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