New iPad iOS 6 Siri preview video

As iOS 6 brings numerous improvements to the new iPad along with support for Siri, but how useful will Siri be on the Apple iPad? Well if you would like to know what Siri on the iPad feels like perhaps the preview video we have for your viewing consideration below will go some way in showing you that.

The guys over at Pocket Now have delivered a preview video of Siri on the new iPad, which of course we have for our readership below, which takes a 14-minutes looks at the beta build of iOS 6 with Siri support and a new format.

Later in the video the guys also do a talk off between Siri and the Samsung Galaxy S3 S Voice feature, but the main point of this particular footage is to find out just how useful Siri is on the Apple iPad. To kick off the guys say Siri on the iPad is a lot like Siri on the iPhone, but has been optimised for use on the iOS slate using a little pop over window.

The guys then take Siri through a little classic Siri functionality asking a couple of questions of the voice assistant, although Siri doesn’t seem to know everything, but does fairly well when it comes to classic functionality, but what about those new features?

Well obviously I have no wish to spoil your enjoyment of the footage by telling you how Siri fairs when it comes to those new features, but rather will let you head on down to hit that play button so you can check out the preview video of iOS 6 Siri running on the iPad for yourself…enjoy.


4 thoughts on “New iPad iOS 6 Siri preview video”

  1. Poofs says:

    How did you get that Siri screen? I can’t find it and a lot of people say it’s not available on iPad 3?