No sex please we’re Apple iPhone users

Here at Phones Review we not only like to keep readers informed about all the latest smartphones but we also like to bring you some more unusual news from time to time. Today’s snippet regards a survey about just how much iPhone owners appreciate their phones in which one of the answers suggests ‘No sex please, we’re iPhone users.’

We’ll give you some news from the survey results and at first you may find some of the statistics unlikely. However if you stop to consider just how much your use your iPhone (if you have one, or other smartphone if you don’t) then maybe you’ll start to agree with the results. The survey took part with 1,000 of the smartphone users and amazingly 15% said that they would rather have no sex than give up a weekend with their iPhone, hence our title above. Even more staggeringly, of those that answered they would rather have sex, 4% said they’d used their iPhone during the act! We can only admire their concentration!

In answer to a question regarding what device or platform they couldn’t live without, 65% said they couldn’t live without their iPhone while only 1% chose Facebook. The survey was conducted by electrical reseller Gazelle and brought to our attention by iMore, sourced from PR Newswire. and it also looked at the iPhone regarding socializing. It seems that rather shockingly only 17% said that they hardly ever or never touched their iPhones when socializing. 58% said they use their iPhone in social situations usually or occasionally while 25% admitted they almost always used it when socializing.

The survey also involved questions about what users would most like to see on the next iPhone, or iPhone 5, and almost 40% opted for a larger display. The impact of iPhone use on other devices was also noted with 55% saying they no longer use a normal camera while a huge 70% said they no longer used an iPod or mp3 player. One last unsavory result that we’ll pass on to you is that 85% of those in the survey said they used their iPhone in the bathroom. Saves taking in a newspaper I suppose!

Should we be surprised that our iPhones are held with such high affection, whether socializing or at private moments, or even to the extent that some would rather give up sex? Probably not when considering how much use our own devices get and the way we use them, although we draw the line at divulging bathroom practices! We’d like to hear your thoughts on this survey. Would you ever say ‘No sex please I’m an iPhone owner?’ Maybe your own iPhone use reflects the survey results or are you amazed at some of these statistics? Let us know with your comments.

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