AT&T Samsung Galaxy S2 ICS update arrives at last: Updated

The last few weeks there has been more hardware on Google’s Android platform finally being treated to the Ice Cream Sandwich operating system, which is months after it first made an appearance, and today we have news that the AT&T Samsung Galaxy S2 ICS update arrives at last.

It finally seems that manufacturers and carriers are finally getting their act together and pushing out the update to hardware, as only yesterday we told you that Rogers had released the new software to the Galaxy S2, but today as Engadget Mobile are reporting it’s the turn of AT&T users to taste Ice Cream Sandwich.

Rival US carrier T-Mobile has already pushed out the update to its customers and now AT&T are joining the party by rolling out Android 4.0.4 to its version of lasts years’ flagship Samsung smartphone. Users of the device will now be able to use Chrome for Android without using any custom firmware, and now this only leaves rival carrier Sprint to push the new operating system to its variant of the handset, the Epic 4G Touch, which is still stuck on Android 2.3 Gingerbread with no timescale given for the update to arrive.

Users again need to download the new software via Samsung’s Kies application and a PC, so no over the air update but it’s a small price to pay to get some Android ICS love. This update comes as the handsets replacement is set to launch with huge amounts of units expected to be sold in the US and around the world.

We recently told you that the carrier were selling the Samsung Galaxy S2 for an impressive $10, and while this deal may have ended now as it is now listed for $99, there is a good chance AT&T will offer the device cheaply again to shift stock as the Galaxy S3 is released.Update: According to Phandroid the upgrade has been put on hold and delayed due to technical reasons, but will hopefully begin rolling out again tomorrow.


23 thoughts on “AT&T Samsung Galaxy S2 ICS update arrives at last: Updated”

    1. AcesHIdden says:

      It’s not for the Skyrocket. I called Samsung and talked to well… a total douche! I’m hearing Saturday on some sites for the Skyrocket. Who knows. Kies tells me that my phone is not supported for updates whatever that means!

      1. Jibran_khan says:

        just checked and Kies has no update for ATT’s galaxy S2 – sucks that they dont confirm before posting non sense like this

  1. Spider252 says:

    It doesn’t appear to be on Kies anymore 🙁
    Can anyone else confirm that it was pulled for ATT users?

  2. Clint Chapel says:

    I cant get my skyrocket into “Kies mode” so I can connect to kies mini…. USB utilities shows USB Mass Storage as the only option! anyone else having this issue?

  3. AcesHidden says:

    Personally I’ve never been more frustrated with a company over a software update in my life. The sales person for AT&T promised me by the end of March 2012. Still ISN’T HERE FOR THE SKYROCKET!!!!

    Had I known this I would have waited and just bought the S3. :-/

  4. Alan Newman says:

    t does just download the kies desktop app then right click on it hit open it will install kies desktop app . Once done open kies desktop go to tools you will see a option for firmware upgrade and initialization click it it will ask for you s/n and make very straight forward you will find this behind the battery. And with your phone not connected put the info it ask in and hit OK. Caps and everything must be the same… after that without your battery in connect it and press both volume keys down it will ask you to hit volume up button to proceed or volume down button to not go into d/l mode put your battery in and then hit volume + button to proceed and then all you gotta do is hit OK on your computer to proceed.a little green android will appear on your phone showing download progress once your comp goes through process of getting your firmware.ics is our new stock firmware does not root and this is our ics from kies only for the galaxy s2 i777

  5. Alan Newman says:

    So go to kies download the latest desktop app they have errors occur other wise and follow instructions

  6. Alan Newman says:

    This is what the galaxy s2 i777 is now shipped with
    Its a stock i777 ics recovery from at&t all legit your welcome

  7. Ty says:

    I’m not seeing any problems with my update I got yesterday. Went to Kies, a notification popped up and told me I had a firmware update. The version Alan mentioned is correct, its 4.0.3. You guys need to go upgrade!!! It should be up and running!

  8. Mhamilton238 says:

    I updated  to Android 4 on my AT&T Galaxy 2 and the voice dialing over bluetooth would not work. The phone will not wake up when trying to place a call using my bluetooth ear piece. I contacted AT&T and after having me do a master reset which failed to correct the problem they said it was a problem with the phone. They referred me to their warranty department. Anyone else have this problem