Microsoft Surface Tablet not wanted by majority of US says survey

It appears that although it is early days for Microsoft and their Windows RT and Windows 8 Surface tablets, it appears that there has already been a survey carried out on whether most Americans would want the Microsoft Surface tablet, and is appears the result of the poll shows that the majority of Americans wont be switching to Microsoft’s slates.

According to the guys over at the Boy Genius Report, by way of Mac Tech, US coupon code website, CouponCodes4u conducted a flash poll of 1578 Americans aged between 21 and 35 so they could find out the reaction to the unveiling of the Microsoft Surface Tablet.

Apparently it would appear that Microsoft might have a bit of a challenge on getting people to switch from such tablets as the Apple iPad, Android slates or even the BlackBerry Playbook, of those polled 55 percent used an iPad, whilst 23 percent used an Android tablet and 12 percent used the BlackBerry Playbook.

When the participants were asked if they would consider switching from their current slate to the Microsoft Surface Tablet, 59 percent stated they would not switch, with 41 percent claiming ‘brand loyalty’ as the reason, whilst 15 percent claims a lack of positive reviews and information on Microsoft’s new slate was a contributing factor.

When if comes to those polled that don’t already use a tablet, and asked what tablet they would be interested in purchasing, 41 percent opted for the Apple iPad, 28 percent said they would prefer an Android tablet, and only 5 percent considered the BlackBerry Playbook.

26 percent of those polled claimed that they believed Microsoft was too late in the game, 22 percent said they would consider purchasing the Microsoft Surface Tablet, and 45 percent said they like the initial look and specs of the slate.

So we’d like to ask our readers whether they would consider switching from their current tablet, whether that be the iPad, an Android tablet or BlackBerry Playbook if favour of the Surface Tablet, feel free to let us know by dropping us a line to our comments area below.


6 thoughts on “Microsoft Surface Tablet not wanted by majority of US says survey”

  1. SURFACE…where the tagline should be, “In your FACE!” Which is where I’ll be putting it when I get mine IN YOUR FACE! I seriously can’t believe people give Playbook the time of day, Android is cheap crap and as for the iUsers, good luck getting this kind of seamless integration between ALL your devices, it will all come down to, “Must we make adjustments in how we do things and ‘cobble’ the things together, or do they just all work together without having to buy or (how do you spell) jerry-rig extra products for these to all work?” SurFACE the Wraith! >=p

    1. Brian says:

      Android is cheap crap? I don’t think so, the specs and apps are equal or even better than the iPad. Will the Surface tablet do good? I doubt it. I would like to get one myself, but the interface is similar to the Windows Phone which didn’t catch on very well. Most likely the new surface tablets will replace the average everyday laptop. But for integration between devices this tablet/slate eliminates it. Contact and email syncing for  your phone and picture syncing maybe, but what is the point of having a desktop or laptop if you have this?

      1. Ronf57 says:

         i believe that is the microsoft perpective…if you have this you don’t need the laptop especially. the desktop will maintain positon for some time because of power, storage and display size as well as doo dads attached to it.
        We are moving the direction of tabletesque for general usage and desktop for heavy lifting. App integration becomes the tilt point and windows to windows is the easist potential path. I want one but not for the cost of a laptop.

  2. Gary Roberts says:

    I agree with Mike Delta actual sales will determine the popularity of the Surface Tablet.  Couponscode4u reported by of Mactech…really, just how was the 1578 survey selection made?  How conclusive is a survey of less than 2000 people.  In my judgment its not a valid survey. 

  3. Ivan1973 says:

    Whats the difference between the surface and a ultrabook? I still don’t get it.

  4. Srikanthvelichaeti says:

    This survey is crap .. Microsoft has a very good chance to give tough competition.It is windows on a beautiful slate <3 .