Android 4.0 ICS, Windows Phone 8 & iOS 6.0 in that order for best mobile OS

We all have our own preference of mobile operating systems and this is a subject that really divides our readers sharply. Today we have news about a recent poll asking which was the best mobile OS and Android 4.0 topped the poll followed by Windows Phone 8 and iOS 6 in that order. Of course as two of these operating systems haven’t even been publicly released yet we wonder how you feel about these results.

Many of you will already know that Google’s Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) launched late last year and is still being slowly rolled out to devices running earlier Android operating systems. The amount of time this is taking has caused a certain amount of consternation amongst Android users, though it seems the benefits of 4.0 ICS are such that it still managed to come out on top. The two other mobile systems have been widely reported on recently as many details have just been revealed about both Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 and Apple’s iOS 6, both due for a public release in the fall, so it’s fair to say that many people have a reasonable idea of what is expected.

Before we give you the results of the poll we are going to say straight away that it was an informal poll conducted by Phone Arena with its readership. We cannot tell from the results whether Nokia’s Symbian, or RIM’s BlackBerry were included in the original question but as they received no votes at all according to the results, we imagine that readers were simply asked to choose between Android 4.0, Windows Phone 8 and iOS 6. We would also point out that maybe comparing an OS that is already widely available against two that are not is also a slightly skewed idea but nevertheless we found the results interesting enough to share with you.

In the Phones Arena poll with over 5000 respondents the winning mobile OS was Android receiving 48.62% of the vote. We would have expected either Android or iOS to top the poll, such is the split between our readership on these two operating systems, so you can imagine our shock/surprise to see that Windows Phone 8 came second in the Phone Arena poll results with 40.88% of the vote. iOS 6 trailed in third with only 10.6% of the vote.

Given the recent statistics we reported on the market share of the top smartphone platforms these results seem even more unlikely, (though we’re not for one moment suggesting that Phone Arena has made a mistake). In that earlier article we told how US Android smartphones accounted for 50.8% of the market at the end of March, while iOS smartphones (iPhone) accounted for a 31.4% share. Windows Phone smartphones only accounted for 4% of the market share. Of course the devices involved in these statistics do not feature the upcoming editions of Windows Phone 8 or iOS 6 but you would have imagined more parity between the amount of current smartphones being used on a platform to the platform that people would choose as their favorite.

It’s difficult to know what to make of these results then, other than maybe Phone Arena has a huge leaning towards the Windows Phone platform and its enthusiasts that we’ve never noticed or simply maybe people felt that Windows Phone 8 has so much promise that they voted accordingly. It will certainly be interesting to see the poll repeated once all three of these operating systems, and devices running on them, are being widely used.

We’d certainly be interested to hear your thoughts about these poll results. We’ve notice before that our readers are pretty evenly split between Android and iOS with other platforms not creating as much interest, so are there really that many Windows Phone enthusiasts out there? We’re not particularly worried about trying to compare operating systems that are not yet out with ones already being widely used, however we’re certainly intrigued to know your thoughts on present operating platforms so let us have your comments on this.


22 thoughts on “Android 4.0 ICS, Windows Phone 8 & iOS 6.0 in that order for best mobile OS”

    1. Jrlevy says:

      Agreed, as Android takes forever to roll out to devices, and support for Android is so scattered against manufacturers and Mobile Providers it isn’t a nice system to use.

  1. riceryder says:

    Love Android and Windows OS. Bought and returned the first Windows Phone 7 (WP7) because it tried too hard to be like apple….Featureless. Plus, since the OS was new not many apps were available. However, it has the best and smoothest UI I’ve used (compared to Android and IOS).Can’t wait for WP8! And the GS3!!!

  2. Mannard says:

    OBviously IOS is gonna be at the bottom.   You have to hack (jailbreak) your device to gain admin/root access.   LAME.    Apples are lame and trendy.  

  3. Imagesbykwane says:

    How can you report that Andriod OS ICS is the best out when they can’t get it out to there customers in 8 months. People have been talking about ICS FOR ALMOST A YEAR and still have received an update. And Windows 8 really. Windows 7 and 7.5 haven’t done anything in the moble arena. It’s funny how everyone hates on Apple. IOS is still the best because it’s simple. And we all know that simple can be very complexed. IOS does what it says and gets it done over and over again. That’s like how do you actually think Andriod is winning the smartphone race when they have over 200 Andriod phones competing against Apples 3 phones. REALLY!!!!

  4. Larry_rubio92 says:

    Apple lost their main person so dont expect the iphones to be as futuristic as they used to be. Windows is more for people who are integrated on their computers but want it mobile so nothing changes there. And android is for those who want to do more and multitask. I have had all three and my obvious pick is android. It is the only one that hasnt failed me and its made me happy. p.s. i hate apple, they are too stuck up.

  5. Paul Wilks says:

    iOS is simple. Which is great for simple people. If you’re not a simpleton, try an Android. And don’t try something really cheap and expect and Android experience, then criticise the whole platform because your sub-$100/£100 device isn’t great.  

    Get a S3, a One X or a GNEX. That’s Android and they’re all on ICS.

  6. I had Iphone for more than 2 years and then switched to windows phone (lumia 900). which is a great hardware and with incomplete O/S. I am unable to stream lots of online radio on WP7.5 which I could on IOS and that tells me that WP can never be as good as IPhone. I could do many things with my IPhone 3gs, which I can not do with WP7.5. If an O/S can’t support most of the audio types and can’t stream music that O/S is not worthy.

  7. Jbaalson says:

    Do I hate on Apple? Not necessarily. I started off with Apple. However, my eyes have opened. I see Apple as a lackluster company who can never be as good as Samsung, Motorola, or even Google. My reason is simple: they are extremely jealous people who sue for patent infringement all the time without actually knowing the definition of a patent infringement. Yes, I have an Android, and yes, it is a magnificent operating system. 

  8. Larry_rubio92 says:

    Apple should really step back from trying to sue the whole world and start trying to get their crap in gear before they become last in the smartphone war. Great company ill admit that, but stop trying to sue before you end up losing every battle.

    Jbaalson knows exactly what im thinking.

  9. Robert Sparkman says:

    Can’t wait for Windows 8 Phone and Windows 8 PC operating system..A match made in heaven,..Just think any app you buy on your phone you’ll be able to use on your laptop or even your Xbox..Sync possibilities are endless…If they play there cards right this is going to be great.I have been along time PlayStation system fan but the move to unify all there devices together has me even wanting to buy a Xbox 720…I currently own a Samsung S3 Android device..Will be selling in October for a Samsung S3 Windows 8 phone…

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