Sony Xperia ado, amo, ilo & sora could be US exclusives

There’s rather a lot of interest today regarding a new set of Sony Xperia names that have been registered with the USTPO and they are the Xperia ado, the Xperia amo, the Xperia ilo and the Xperia sora. The logical conclusion is that these are new Android smartphone names and it could be that they will be U.S. exclusives.

The fact that the names Xperia sola and Xperia ion both showed up first at the USTPO is certainly a good indicator that these new named devices will come to fruition (as they did) and the fact the ado, amo, ilo and sora names are USTPO-registered means they are now Sony trademarks. This not a cast-iron guarantee though that we will shortly see Sony devices turn up with these names, as they may never be used or the names could eventually be changed before release. Nevertheless we’ll certainly be looking out for future mentions following this.

The news came to us from Phone Arena, sourced from the Blog of Mobile. Phone Arena also show images of the USTPO filings made on June 18 and point out that in Europe these new Sony tradesmarks have NOT been registered. This could mean then that the devices that eventually carry these names may be exclusive to the US, although of course this is not confirmed. Unfortunately there are no details listed of any possible specs and features for these devices with the USTPO filings.

While we think the names ado, amo, ilo and sora aren’t exactly catchy we could also say that about the Xperia ion which finally released on AT&T in the US yesterday so anything is possible! We’d like to hear your thoughts on these trademarked names? What would you like to see feature on future Sony Xperia smartphones? Why not send your comments to give us your ideas.