3D iOS 7 user interface is feasible

Although it could be a little way into the future we have some news today about 3D rendering for the iOS user interface and it’s feasible it could arrive as early as iOS 7. The iOS UI could certainly do with a new look and an image of how this could look appears pretty good to us although we should maybe not take this too seriously just yet.

Even though we’re still bringing you news on the recently detailed iOS 6, which is due for release in the fall it doesn’t seem likely that this 3D feature will come in time for the next operating system. It is plausible for iOS 7 or later iterations though, so how does it work? It works with the phone’s ambient sensor and simulated 3D is created by dropping shadows onto icons from real-world light sources in the room. The user would even be able to move around and still maintain the 3-dimensional look, as the software would update the shadows on the move.

News of this simulated 3D comes to us from iDownload Blog, sourced from Buzzfeed, which says the information came from an Apple employee who can’t be named. As Apple has used auto-tilting sliders in iOS 6 and dabbled with 3D software-based technology involving head-tracking we certainly cannot discount this idea of a 3D-look UI but equally we cannot be sure that it will ever come to a final iOS version.

We’ve previously told about rumors of 3D coming to the iPhone 5 although we have to say this is probably one of the most unlikely features coming to the next iPhone. Nevertheless the idea of Apple becoming more involved in 3D has been discussed many times before so we’d like to hear your thoughts on a 3D UI for iOS.

Do you think this would be a really neat addition to iOS or maybe an unnecessary distraction? Send your comments to let us know.


4 thoughts on “3D iOS 7 user interface is feasible”

  1. CRACKER says:

    Possibly, but I don’t know if this is something apple would really consider, as battery life will be affected as well as performance… maybe something we could hope for in Android 5.0 or 6.0?

  2. Thomas Kelly says:

    3D, sure, the gyroscope and camera to locate the eyes to simulate objects deeper in the screen to move around while upfront objects stay glued to the screen (or a little vice versa, though I wouldn’t want my icons flying off the screen where I can’t see them every time I tilt the iPhone!).  It wouldn’t be very tasking to the GPU, however, to locate the eyes continuously, I would think may drain the battery a little.

    One thing I don’t get, is the shadows.  Sure, there is an ambient light sensor, but it doesn’t “see” where the light is coming from itself, in order to place shadows.  Though, using the camera for this also, I suppose this could be done.

    People need to realize, just using the ambient light sensor alone won’t give iOS any useful information for shadows!

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