Amazon Kindle Fire 2 release date and specs tipped

During the fall of last year Amazon released its Kindle Fire tablet PC to consumers in the US, and while the device is not the most powerful of units it’s pricing of only $199 was a big pull. Now though thoughts are already turning to a new model and today we have talk of the Amazon Kindle Fire 2 release date being tipped.

It is wondered if the online retailer would be releasing the original Kindle Fire to Europe once its own Appstore opens for business, but Cnet are reporting that a reliable source has told them that the Kindle Fire 2 could be launched on July 31st at a special event. This is not the first time that a new Kindle Fire has been tipped with talk of a new model being released with a 1280 x 800 pixel resolution display.

Sources in the supply chain have often been cited about the new model with claims of the current Kindle Fire being reduced in price to $149. The latest claims are hinting that the new Kindle Fire will gain a camera with physical volume control buttons, but there is no information whether Bluetooth will be added or what processor will be powering the device.

It is also wondered if the online retailer will subside the cost of the new tablet PC by offering an ad-supported version. Additional sources feel Amazon will follow the trend of Apple by adding design and performance improvements, and while doing so keep the device at similar price points. Since Amazon first launched the Kindle Fire the market for more affordable tablet PCs changed significantly.

Before then you had some unknown brands but now you have the likes of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 and the Lenovo IdeaPad A1 on offer, and sometime this week Google are expected to announce the Asus Nexus 7 tablet after details of the device recently leaked. Would an Amazon Kindle Fire 2 be a device you would consider?


3 thoughts on “Amazon Kindle Fire 2 release date and specs tipped”

  1. Gatorproof says:

    I am guessing that a Fire 2 would just be a faster way to order Amazon products. I would still be a hard sell when I could have a real tablet instead.

  2. Brant Peery says:

    As long as the fire is locked to Amazon, I don’t see it being a real competitor to the other tablets out there. Amazon is great at a lot of stuff, but not having gtalk, maps, and other google exclusives make the tablet…er… reader a dud.

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