Android Jelly Bean statue the details video

No doubt by now most have heard that the latest addition to the lawn outside Google HQ is the Android Jelly Bean statue, which has now taken its rightful place alongside the other Android statues. But what does it take to make a statue for Google to represent the new Android operating system?

Well what we have for your viewing consideration below if a making of the Android Jelly Bean statue video, which come sour way courtesy of the guys over at Tech Crunch and goes behind the scenes so we get all the details on the Jelly Bean statue.

The Jelly Bean statue was created by Giovanni Calabrese at Themendous, who is in charge of creating all of the statues that now reside on the Google lawn, and the latest is a large jelly bean jar with added Android accoutrements, and filled with 160 9-inch jelly beans that took 6-minutes each to create, so to help with time they also created a large jelly bean insert so they didn’t have to build hundreds of bean to fill the jar.

Apparently the creation of the Jelly Bean statue took just one week to complete and as we now know was shipped off to Google HQ and erected, and now that Jelly Bean is out the way, the team is busying themselves by touching up Google’s other Android OS statues with a lick of paint.

So if you wish to see how the jelly beans were build head on down and hit that play button to check out the footage…enjoy.