Galaxy Note 2 could release sooner & display confirmed

We’ve been bringing readers information on the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (Note II) since the beginning of this month when we first heard about it. The original Galaxy Note has been a mammoth success for Samsung despite initial misgivings about its large screen size making it more of a ‘phablet.’ Today we have further news that the release of the Galaxy Note 2 could be brought forward and also it seems some ‘confirmation’ of the display size.

In the sparse information we’ve heard so far about the Galaxy Note 2 there was a rumored release date for this October and most recently we heard that an upcoming Galaxy Note 2 was official when it was mentioned in a tweet from Samsung Arabia. Other details of the Galaxy Note 2 have been sparse but we have heard mention of a screen size of at least 5.3-inches that may be an unbreakable plane display, a possible quad-core processor and maybe a 12-megapixel camera although of course none of this has yet been confirmed. Now that Android 4.1 Jelly Bean has been revealed by Google and is due out in mid-July, there’s also a possibility that the Galaxy Note 2 would run this latest operating system.

We have heard today of ‘confirmation’ that the Galaxy Note 2 will in fact feature a 5.5-inch display. This comes from an exclusive GSM Arena report that claims this screen size has been ‘confirmed’ by an industry insider. As this is not yet then officially confirmed by Samsung we hesitate to use the word ‘confirmed’ but GSM Arena seem pretty sure of their facts and to be honest they’re a pretty reliable source of information. The insider told how the display will definitely be a 5.5-inch Super AMOLED display and that the design of the Galaxy Note 2 will be inspired by the latest Samsung flagship phone, the Galaxy S3.

Even more intriguing is that it’s claimed that the Galaxy Note 2 will measure less in width even though the display is larger. To top off the information we’re told that the Galaxy Note 2 may now be released in September instead of the previously mentioned October. This is apparently because Samsung wants the device to launch before Apple’s iPhone 5, also due in the fall.

Other features mentioned by GSM Arena include a possible dual-core ARM-15 processor instead of quad-core as we mentioned earlier, an 8-megapixel camera rather than 12-megapixel and 2GB of RAM, although none of this has been confirmed by the industry insider that gave information on the design and screen size. We’ll continue to keep you updated with developments on the Galaxy Note 2 as we hear them and hopefully we’ll be hearing much more very shortly.

Are you interested in the Galaxy Note 2 and if so are you a fan/owner of the original? Are you pleased that it seems it will have an even larger display than the original Note or do you feel a larger screen is unnecessary? Let us know with your comments.


24 thoughts on “Galaxy Note 2 could release sooner & display confirmed”

  1. manwithnoname says:

    I have a feeling the iPhone 5 is going to disappoint me for the last time. Time to change. Apple have not updated the iPhone much at all for a number of years now and I am growing very disappointed. Android here I come.

    1.  I did the same.  I don’t regret it at all.  I currently own a Razr, Nexus with Jelly Bean and a Galaxy S3.  You won’t look back.  In fact, I felt embarrassed by the fact almost everyone who owns an iPhone has no idea why they own it other than the fact everyone else has one.

  2. Val Kukatov says:

    A larger screen won’t be a bad idea but the current size is just fine as well. Though I much rather have a 12 mp camera and 2gb of ram, would be also cool to have the tegra 3 like on Nexus 7 and of course the best if they can fit in 4000 mah battery so that way they outdo the razr maxx. Motorolla managed to do a great job with thin battery why not Samsung? 

    1. manwithnoname says:

      Remember, the iPhone 5 might (but only might remember) be so bold as to increase to a whopping 4 inches, so you might wanna check that out too. That is unless you have got fed up with such a tiddler and realise Galaxy Note is the way to go.

  3. Robinolatino says:

    I got a great deal on the original Note only last month and I absolutely LOVE this phone. Although I won’t be able to upgrade for another 2 years I am very happy that Samsung have realised the Note’s potential and decided to release a second. It means that by the time I’m due for an upgrade there will probably be a third or forth generation available and I won’t have to go back to a small screen or keep an outdated phone just because I like the large screen.

    1. iStank says:

      Yeah Im mad that I just got a great deal on my note too. Im considering how to turn it in or sell it once this thing becomes available tho. If it has the S3 Features it will be the shizzzz

  4. Blizzardscout2 says:

    I have had an iphone (all I did was Jailbreak it for use like an Android), so I went to the Droid X which has been a kickass phone, but I need something bigger. The Note 2 will do just that for me. I am hopeful that the Quad Core will be included. As for the bigger screen, it is not much of a change to 5.5″, I believe most will be happy with it.

  5. I am really hoping that the new galaxy note will have the quad-core processor with 2gb of ram just like its counterpart, Galaxy S3 in Korea. The US Galaxy S3 is already died in my mind with the lack of all the extra goodies.

    Come on Samsung make me a phone I would love to have!

  6. yarrellray says:

    I am a previous owner of the Galaxy Nexus and current owner of the now Galaxy S3 the BEST SMARTPHONE ON THE MARKET. I welcome the GALAXY NOTE 2 and hope they launch it as the current Galaxy S3 was launched on all carriers. No more exclusive junk….

  7. Therealestmc says:

    After bricking my note trying to upgrade to ics I can’t wait to get my hand on the note 2. Samsung I hate you for not updating your devices in a timely manner. I just wasted 700 dollars trying to do it on my own.

  8. Eviltweety_88 says:

    Original size does seem fine.. After the Razor Maxx, I would think they would utilize the space a little better and have a larger capacity battery. I admit I’m a little confused by the quad core issues (with LTE). Can the phone simply not work on LTE with the quad and that’s why we’re seeing dual with more memory?

    1. french toast says:

      its nothing to do with the cpu cores, rather which company has acess to lte baseband..at the moment that is qualcomm who make the snapdragon s4 processors that you mention, exynos uses an intel gold baseband for 3g…bit qualcomm will not sell them a discrete baseband for exynos (atheros) as it knows oems will have to buy snaldragons to get lte…

      samsung will remedy this predicament with their exynos 5250 line…which hopefully will carry their own lte radio amd stop all this swapping nonsense.

  9. Tomdebaardemaker says:

    01. Yesterday I ordered the Tab 7.7, paid 160 in advance.
    02. I come home and I read about the Note 2
    03. Went to another shop, held the Note in my hand, I was blown away (why the hell do I need a tablet when I have a Note, it huge but fits in you pocket)
    04. Today I called the first shop and told them they could keep the advance, they just had to change the product from Tab 7.7 to Note 2 😉
    05. This is gonna be a killer phone, the problem is I won’t be able to go back anymore to smaller screens, according to Note users it becomes a habit in no time to have this size…

    It will be my first “phablet”/”smartphone” ever, my current phone is a 50 dollar Nokia from 2006 🙂

  10. Guest says:

    I owned the Note 1 and loved it, but for some odd reason i decided to exchange it for the Samsung S3, and while it’s a pretty good phone, I liked the Note more. So I have decided to give my S3 to my wife and get the Note 2 when it’s out. I like gadgets and spend the money to enjoy the new stuff, but the Note replaced everything: I used it as 1- phone 2- music player 3- video player 4- all my kids pics on it 5- email, sms …etc. 6- reading books and magazines … it’s a lovely phone and can be used with one hand I’d say 75% of the time. It’s only drawback is the camera speed (versus the S3). If you use your phone a lot … I highly recommend the Note 1 or 2 when it’s out.

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