Nokia Air Cloud video will never be real!

So it would appear a few days ago that a video hit the net waves touting something called Nokia Air Cloud, which is apparently Nokia’s own cloud syncing solution called Nokia Air, which is designed to sync media, contacts and app across Nokia smartphones and tablets, but is it real?

Well according to the guys over at GSM Arena, the Nokia Air video showcases a couple of devices, a mini-slider phone and a tablet running Symbian, and by the looks of it, Symbian is the operating system that is destined to gain Nokia Air first, and that if Nokia ever manages to roll our Nokia Air it would be a ‘breath of fresh air for Symbian Belle users’, although these devices will probably continue as concepts.

However according to the guys over at Intomobile, Nokia Air Cloud is simply just that, a concept, and as such Nokia fans shouldn’t get their hopes up of ever seeing Nokia Air become a reality, and goes on to say that all Nokia Air is, is a ‘glorified syncing engine,’ the same type of engine that Android users have if they install Chrome on their Android Ice Cream Sandwich smartphone and their desktop.

The video of Nokia Air on both the guy’s sites are no longer available to view, as the user has removed the footage; however we have found the same Nokia Air video from another YouTube user called minipcpro, so if you would like to check out the Nokia Air footage, head on down an mash that play button.

The Intomobile guys go further and say that Apple will also delivering their own take on Nokia Air in iOS 6 and OS X10.8 later in the year, whilst no doubt Microsoft is also working on something similar for Windows Phone.

But it would appear Nokia Air Cloud, much like any other concept will never be real. Would Nokia fan lover to see Nokia Air become a reality at some point in the future?


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  1. since a cosmtomer representative at nokia told me, they are enhancing belle, and ive got a feeling that it could look like the os we see on these concept phones, it may just well be on the books again, as belle got alot of postive good feed back that people really like it…
    I suppose we might see more belle handsets at nokia world september 2012, it makes sense now to make belle the best it can be, as all people are not going to like windows 8…
    and to me windows 8 seems more for the business man…

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