Xperia P ICS update to drop in early August

We’ve been bringing readers all the news on Android 4.0 ICS updates for various devices as Ice Cream Sandwich continues its slow rollout. We have good news today for Sony Xperia P owners as it seems that it’s next in the Sony line of devices that will receive ICS and it should begin rolling out in early August.

Only earlier today we told how the Sony Xperia S ICS upgrade that had been interrupted because of issues was now back on track again and no doubt Xperia P owners will be pleased to learn they will receive their taste of ICS quite soon, considering this is one of Sony’s latest devices and didn’t release until May.

News that the Xperia P ICS update will release in early August came to us from Phone Arena, sourced from the Xperia Blog, and first came in news from Italy. Apparently Sony Mobile in Italy posted on its Facebook page to tell customers that Ice Cream Sandwich was on the way in response to a customer asking when it would appear for the Xperia P. The message read, “software for ICS is planned for early August” (translated), which is good enough for us.

Of course this doesn’t necessarily mean that all regions will receive the ICS update at exactly the same time, but once the rollout starts it shouldn’t take too long to reach everywhere. Are you the owner of a Sony Xperia P? Many manufacturers and carriers have come in for criticism concerning the long times that people are waiting for the ICS update to hit their devices, so how do you feel about Sony seemingly pushing out ICS for the Xperia P so promptly? Let us know with your comments.


2 thoughts on “Xperia P ICS update to drop in early August”

  1. coolcity says:

    I do own the Xperia P and am quite happy to wait for ICS given that the phone hasn’t been on the market for very long. It would be handy if Sony would announce a definate date for the UK but you don’t miss what you haven’t got so the wait doesn’t detract from the enjoyment of the phone, which is otherwise excellent.

  2. Ktmalith says:

    I’ve been using  this phone for about three weeks now.. It’s really nice! So if it’s fine n Gingerbread can imagine how it will be on ICS! 
    Want to know when it will release in the Asian region – Sri Lanka

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