iPhone 5 release should entice Samsung Galaxy S4

We’ve been bringing readers all the news and rumors regarding the forthcoming Apple iPhone 5 and for some time the most widely expected release date has been the fall. Of course until Apple chooses to share this information with the world we have no way of telling but today we wanted to look theoretically at what would happen if an iPhone 5 release was to entice a Samsung Galaxy S4 appearance.

The iPhone and Galaxy S flagship device launches are no doubt the most dominant smartphones of the year and we recently told how these two handsets are so prominent that they lead sales patterns between iOS and Android for the whole year. Over the last couple of years the releases of the Galaxy S and iPhone handsets have managed to avoid each other. In 2011 the Galaxy S2 was launched in May (in some regions) and the iPhone 4S arrived in October. This year again, the Galaxy S3 released in May (although it has only just arrived on U.S. carriers) and it looks very much as though the iPhone 5 will again release around October time. Therefore an all-out release clash hasn’t occurred recently although it would be hugely interesting to see what would happen if it did.

Recently though we told of reports from Taiwan that suggested the iPhone 5 launch could be brought forward to August in order to compete more directly against the Galaxy S3 but of course, as usual this is not confirmed. If this doesn’t happen and the iPhone 5 arrives in October as most expect, there will be almost half a year between the release of the Galaxy S3 and that of the iPhone 5 so we wanted to just consider for a moment what would happen if Samsung brought its next Galaxy S phone forward to compete with the iPhone 5.

Such is the phenomenal success of these two smartphones we can only begin to imagine what would happen if they actually released at the same time. We admit this isn’t too likely but it’s certainly not beyond the realms of possibility and with the ongoing litigation and acrimony between these two giant companies, who knows what Samsung may have up its sleeve. An iPhone 5 release at the same time as a Galaxy S4 would be a real clash of the titans and something that we feel many Android and iOS fans would actually relish.

Not too long ago we took a look at whether there would every be such a thing as a perfect Android or iOS phone and it seemed unlikely for several reasons. One is that smartphone technology is changing so quickly that even if a phone is announced with the very latest specs at that time, by the time of its release sometimes a few months later, some of those top-end specs have already been overtaken by the latest to arrive. Another thing to consider is personal taste as one device will never be able to satisfy everybody, as people’s requirements and design preferences differ. There’s also another factor to consider though and that is that if a manufacturer threw everything it had at one particular handset it may not leave enough ‘room for improvement’ for the next iteration of the device when consumers will be demanding more and better to consider upgrading.

Putting this aside though we’d certainly like to see what would happen if Apple and Samsung were both working right now on an iPhone 5 and Galaxy S4 that could blow the other out of the water. Imagine these two iconic handsets directly up against each other, both competing to be the most groundbreaking and cutting edge devices and both launched at the same time. This would certainly be a real marker at last of which is best, at least as far as consumers are concerned and might finally answer that age-old battle between Android and iOS enthusiasts.

As far as iPhone 5 specs and features are concerned, of course nothing is yet official but widely expected are an A5X or A6 processor, improved camera, larger display, new design and that it will run on iOS 6. Other things that most hope to see are 4G LTE connectivity and NFC support while some of the wilder pieces of speculation (though still possible) include 3D, waterproofing, a Thunderbolt connector and wireless AirDrop feature. Back in April we told how Samsung is working on Youm flexible displays and that these could be available within the year so this is certainly a possibility for a Galaxy S4. Considering all of the potential that both Apple and Samsung can bring to the next iPhone and next Galaxy S phone the mind boggles to imagine what we could be treated to.

You may be interested at this point at a recent article where we looked at a concept of the best of the iPhone and Galaxy S phones, dubbed the iSung Galaxy 5 and we wonder how many of you might even favor something that crossed the divide, although of course this is never likely to happen. Maybe though you’d just rather think about what would happen with a theoretical battle between an iPhone 5 and Galaxy S4 and we’re really interested to hear what readers think about this.

Do you imagine that Samsung and Apple might ever release their iconic devices at the same time? If you were to consider everything you’d like to see on a smartphone, what do you think the iPhone 5 or Galaxy S4 should offer to make either stand out above the other? Let us know with your comments.


59 thoughts on “iPhone 5 release should entice Samsung Galaxy S4”

  1. Joel91sp says:

    As long as apple keeps all the restriction on the IOS it will never be a competition for an Android smartphone such as the Galaxy s3. I’m already thinking that the iphone 5 won’t attract any new customers but the ones they already have and I also noticed that are quite a few iphone fans that went on buying the galaxy s3 and other android phones. This shows how android is overtaking apple mobile handset.

    P.S IOS6 against Android 4.1 Jelly Bean is like comparing a gameboy with a playstation 3 . Jelly bean is just so much better and advanced and I could give 10 million reasons why. Please people be wise and spend your money wisely.

    1. dllftw says:

      actually i know quite a few people switching from s2 and waiting for iPhone 5. You  are actually wrong. The iPhone 5 is probably going to sell more than any other apple product. People prefer the iPhone because of the experience. Also look at the app store. Who cares if an android phone opens a web page 1 sec faster. Does it matter? The iPhone 5 is also going to probably use some of the same things as android, not to mention the things it already has. You are speaking the opposite that is going to happen. They took a pole and it said that a lot of android fans are going to be buying the iPhone 5. It is going to be the biggest leap for apple

        1. Ryan Dodd says:

          Ha! Fun to watch you idiots argue. Does it really matter whether you have android if iOS? Instead of arguing over which is the better OS, why don’t you consider that everybody likes different thing. I personally have tried both and I like android because it is customizable. iOS is not customizable and you can barely see the wallpaper for the app icon. It’s my opinion. Everybody is entitled to their own opinion. Instead if arguing like children just think a little deeper.

          PS: I typed this on my android.

    2. Pegman says:

      yes and i can give over 50 million reasons why your wrong, hmmm jelly bean is like the ps3. i think not, anyone who actually knows about technology knows that the ios is a far better system and is more stable and more secure as i said in a previous post i had an android phone and never got one update in several months and i also got viruses and rogue apps on despite being careful. yeah that sounds great to me. have my phone fucked by people who think they know best(when they do not)or by people who just like to screw thing sup for the sake of it. 
      so i think spending your cash on android devices at the moment is stupid and you should all just go where ever the tech takes you which in my opinion is apple.
      you can try and argue back but you do not have the brain power to take me on and you will never shut me up so do not even bother, i just suspect that you android fans are jealous about apple’s success and keep bleating the same old tired arguments making you more of a sheep than the apple sheep

      1. Manoo Bahar says:

        dude you living on prehistoryc times in terms of your knowledge on android.
        i used to have 4s and s3 is just so much better…….
        4s belongs to museums now . s3 is faster better more stable, better hardware, and better software. and with you having full freedom on what you wanna do or where you wanna go with it  to spend your money.
        the extras on it are amazing . i play ps2 games using ps3 controller on my tv using my s3!!! when i take picture of my friends it recognize them and it impress the hell out of my friends. apple i-phone is on decline, you will still have the i-sheeps who think yesterdays tech is trendy and buy it ….

      2. R D says:

        As I can/did post earlier, Android has been more commercially successful than Apple.

    3. ihammhee says:

      The only benefit to any apple device is that once you learn how to use it you basically can because apple dictates entirely how it is to be used where non-apple devices don’t necessarily.     The problem is if you would like to do complex things they take many times longer on apple.

      1. Cholasuek says:

        Control might be the issue but as an S2 user I can not remember the last time I perform Thumb drive OTG data transfer. How many percent of users are tech savy? Apple designs are complete on that you just start using them and not concerning with modifications or waiting for updates for bugs curement, which is what I have doing most of the timetime

  2. Its not really a competing product, iDevies are for people who follow the crowd and don’t really think about what they buy, or they have heavy invested in iApple infrastructure.
    The only plus point i can see with iApple is the SIRI thing, which is a bit of a gimmick, honestly how many people actually use voice commands…

    1. Pegman says:

      actually, both camps, ios and android are for followers. if you follow one camp only then you are an idiot who knows nothing about technology. i go where the technology takes me. i had an android phone for a while and it was ok, i then went with the iphone 4s which was far better. if i see an android or other phone that is better i will go with that. you say the only plus you can see is siri which is a gimmick and not useful. what about ios6 and all the extra features you can use siri for? what about apples ecosystem which is better than android’s. when i had my android phone i never got 1 single update in several months. i had my iphone barely 6 months and had 2. i also had a few viruses and rogue apps on my android phone even though i was very careful what i installed and had av app installed. the iphone 5 will blow s3 out the water, thats according to the boss of foxcon. plus the iphone 4s was a slight upgrade on the iphone 4 so the next iphone will have to be a huge improvement over everything else.  i suggest that you dont just write dribble and spout your biased opinions and instead use that limited brain power of yours to do some thinking then see things from all sides before forming an opinion.
      but i guess you wont do that, you will just say that i am a blurting apple sheep just because i am not praising android devices.

    2. ihammhee says:

      siri not actually a benefit as if you go check out an android device and dictate something to it, it will understand almost everything you say where siri will repeatedly get it wrong.

      I dictated some long text messages to android phones (example Nexus or Note) and iphone 4s the andoid phones made one word mistake once.  The iphone 4s made many mistakes in each line and every time.   

  3. Cholasuek says:

    Android is closing up on iOS but still sniffing Apple’s exhaust. Yeah, I would agree that even if Android can makes it browser open lightning faster than iOS some group would still be buying iOS. I have used (test run) Jelly bean and was indifferent to it. Reason being is that Android did copied or immitated iOS in many ways. Actually they lifted the whole design and modified them. For this reason some people would still be buying iOS (even if it still don’t have flash) foe its originality. Originality. Besides iOS is much much more smoother and cleaner, very clean when it comes to its UI and graphic interfaces and stability of its icon design where the design will never violates the square boundary.

    1. Manoo Bahar says:

      who copied who?? try your notification???  siri???? all of this was copied from somewhere else. the only thing apple invented last year was i-sue

    2. jtroye32 says:

      Actually, Android is much ahead of Apple in terms of functionality and features. Apple stopped ‘innovating’ after the original iPhone, then did again with the original iPad (if you call blowing up the iPod touch an innovation). The platform is stale and lackluster now. And if you take a look at who had what first, Apple has its tail between it’s legs.

  4. Cholasuek says:

    Besides Samsung has history of appauling rate of firmware updates on its mobile phones. Even if Jellybean comes out how many would get to use them. The previous version of Galaxy might not be able to update them. Whereas in iOS, customers with previous iPhone can still use latest version of iOS. And when Apple releases its updates everyone gets it and don’t have to wait for the phone makers or carriers to adapt firmware to suit them. Lots of customers must have felt frustrated waiting for updates while their friends has already got them. Inconsistency is updating pattern is not good business

    1. jtroye32 says:

      It’s the phone manufacturer AND carrier that have to run it through their gauntlet of theming and bloatware first. If you want instant updates, get a Nexus device, you’ll get them as soon as Google releases them. Otherwise you’re at the mercy of your carrier/phone manufacturer.

  5. Busfires says:

    I say go American. Therefore apple. And yes I do have an iPhone 4s. Had an s2 also. Apple is and will always b a lot better

        1. R D says:

          What? No, Samsung cannot legally make Apple products. The heck are you talking about?
          As for the rest, yes the phones are made in East Asia for the most part. Samsung and Apple both

          1. Blargh says:

            i think he is referring to some of the components in the iphone being manufactured by samsung. not the device as a whole.

    1. Tryplosion says:

      u should get a s3
      it is far better than  iphone maybe not the amount of apps

  6. Cholasuek says:

    If Steve Jobs had a hands on design before his death on the next iPhone, then it might be leaping. another 5 years ahead. Just think that Google Android just incopprates icon auto alignment into. Android, and Apple has done this 3 iPhone generations ago. Like they said, iOS is light years away. So, a 75%-80% chance that Apple will surprise public again. IPhone could be flexible or curvy and how about a rectangular shaped icons and maybe a little liberty for widgets short cut and cool messages and emails notifications like seen on Mountain Lion.

    1. Manoo Bahar says:

      i-phone light years ahead??? right! lol i-phone light years behind more likely right now.
      there isnt a single thing 4s is better than s3 and s2….
      s2 was awarded the best mobil of last year, s3 will be this years.

  7. Cholasuek says:

    Maybe itsm has to do with programming based language – UNIX and LINUX

  8. Cholasuek says:

    Actually I would not mind if iOS have short and long rectangular icons for side to side location.

  9. Cholasuek says:

    Removing hone button and have it as virtual on screen would be cool and neat. Space can be use foe screen enlargement. That would be something. I know Apple is capable but will they do it? Could make use of those 4 corners of the screen for pop up shortcuts. But of course these should not be over done because it will look messy like Jelly Baby. All in all I am behind iOS and sure that if the race will come down to a margin, iOS will win by photo finish decision!!!!

  10. phoenix black says:

    samsung galaxy s4

    – Snapdragon S4 MSM8974 Quad Core
    – Adreno 320
    – 2GB Ram
    – 12 mp 1080p camera
    – 4.5 display flessibile

  11. John_khan says:

    I seriously expect the S4 to have the new exynos 5450 2GHZ Quadcore with the t658 mali gpu which has 10x the graphic power of the s3’s (ps3, xbox 360 graphics). Mark my words it will have that chipset. The chipset should be ready in another 12 months. I cnt see them opting for a hexacore since i haven’t seen any planned. The screen size will be around 4.9-5.0 inches without increasing overall size and thickness. It could be flexible screen but that would be an overkill. Camera 12 megapixels. Should potentially be the first true superphone and all the specs above are realistic. I cnt see samsung focusing on aesthetics though, still expect it to be plasticky since it is cheaper .

    1. Tryplosion says:

      me too
      it should beat the i phone and outstrip it by a considerable amount
      look the the difference in price between s3 and iphone 4

  12. Naveensaily says:

    Actually 4S is better because it was made before and s3 was modified. When 5 comes out Samsung will copy again so basicly speaking apple has the ideas and samsungs just copying.

    1. Jason Mitchell says:

      Actually 4s copied s2. Just like ios4 ios5 and ios6 are trying to catch up by adding long time android features. Ios5 and ios6 are just apples interpretation of how android is supposed to be. Apple has been desperately chasing android and now Samsung for the last 3 years.

  13. joseph a says:

    Well, for now Apple is on top and Iphone 5 or whatever will be ahead of the SIII. That said, both competitors would have to develop a phone and release it at the same time to actually compete. Producing one after the other is stupid and ppl who get it say, I have the latest & greatest!” I think every 2 yrs, they should develop a phone rather than every yr. Also, S4 will likely not have flash as theyre gettign away from it. Why? Because they saw how apple doesnt need it and theyre ahead, it slows the operating system down loading resources maybe? Also, the smoothness of iOS is uncomparable to any other. iphones have a 3 phone platform. Samsung has how many phones out? The more you have the more inconsistent you’ll get. You buy a cheap samasung phone and compare it to the high end model. Both run the same OS. But does each run it well? No! it wont and it’ll NEVER run it consistently. One app runs well on one and not the other. People can rant and rave over Android, but the bottom line is consistency, reliability and worksmanship. Apple will ALWAYs reign as No.1 unless they just quit working toward something. But anyone who’s going to compare a phone thats been out for sometime to one that just hits the market is pretty stupid. Samsung is not on top because Apple’s new phone will beat it. Then Samsung will beat that one. Its a vicious circle. Until Android becomes extremely smooth working, apps run efficiently (ones you need, not the cheap games) battery life picks up tremendously, and the price stays the same, they’ll never be ahead of Apple. That is fact.

    Also anyone thinking that larger phones are better is insane. Apple isnt dumb here, they dont NEED a 5″ screen to compete. Why? Because if you cant put it in your pocket or purse, what good is it? Who wants to carry around a laptop as their cell? Android fans want to say, “we have a bigger screen!” Yea? Get a tablet if you want bigger!. its a cell phone first, a tablet last. Smaller, more efficient is better. Eventually you’ll see Droid fans carrying around bags to put their “phones” in. Is that where this is headed? No its not. We have tablets for that.

    1. Brandon says:

      Maybe I sense a bit of bias, but I also sense a bit of experience spoken from that.  The things you say are likely true, but facts have been marginalized in favor of spite.  Yes, Android has TONS of devices out there.  It was implemented this way for a reason…but the companies that make the hardware (Samsung, HTC, Huawei etc) all want to put their mark on their system.  I don’t blame them, it’s a signature on a device they created (with software they either rewrote or mixed in their own style).  This has led to several things, such as less frequent updates.  The powers that be have noticed this and want to change it, so they (Google) has released their own line of hardware, using premium hardware manufacturers (such as Asus) to make their devices.  Things are slowly but surely being smoothed out.  I never owned an iphone before, I may likely to never own one, so I can’t say much about them in particular, however I have experience with Macs and I can honestly say that Windows and Mac OS aren’t very different except for interface functionality.  Viruses aren’t nearly as present on Mac as on PC’s (That’s only recently, btw…ever lived in the 90’s?  It was hell for computers all over, regardless of what you owned)  Speaking from experience I can say Macs are more stable and reliable.  That’s great, however with every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, so with that said, with the stable and reliability pro, comes some cons that are synonymous to the brand.  It’s not Mac vs. PC, or Apple vs. Android, or whatever.  I’d say Hardware vs. User best describes this conundrum.

    2. Mohan007 says:

      mmmm i dnt think so ..!? i cant acpt you ..!
      bec i used all apple iPhone series till date i think samsung is best now in all the way ..?
      its diff in each model cheep to high okay ..? every mobile have the same concept only the make is diff got it ..?

  14. Paul Ward says:

    The funny thing is … Bill Gates (yeh remember him) released a tablet pc about 15 years ago, the technology was so ahead of its time that no one understood it, or where it could go, so the idea flopped.  A few years later apple is on the rocks and Bill comes back to bail them out. Now everyone claims Apple is so amazing … yeh great … how can u lot be so narrow minded … none of this tech is new, its all 15 years ago, it’s just better packaged these days. 

  15. Gowkrat says:

    I just wonder how much money is apple paying you for this non-sense review you are clearly a 100% crapple fan and android hatter

  16. Paul Ward says:

    I still think it’s funny how people think Apple is sooo far ahead of everyone else … they still got the idea from Microsoft (see my previous comment). 
    Some other reasons I hate Apple:
    1. you have to use iTunes which in my opinion is total crapware
    2. It’s connector is usb but you cant use a standard usb cable so apple can rape ur wallet
    3. You can’t customise ios as much as I’d like (i have the same problem with macs and osx)

    That said, if you’re an idiot who generally believes that because you have an Apple product you are “cool” or somehow better than me … you’re forgetting that being a trend leader or “cool” is the result of doing / owning something that the majority doesn’t have, and lets face it, I can see 50 million+ reasons why you’re wrong.


    I had problems with previous versions, it felt disconnected and I had to work on it to get things the way I wanted it and for that reason I now have a windows phone. 

    I had a look recently at both the 4s and S3 in a store and personally looking at how far the OS technology has come, I would say the S3 has the edge. 

    One key thing no1 has picked up yet … NFC … when Microsoft lands Surface in october any device with NFC has a clear edge on anything else in the market in functionality.

    Personally I’m not overly impressed with my windows phone but it has some really cool redeeming features, that said again the features I like on my windows phone are still nowhere to be seen in ios and yet android seems to be going that way. 

    Style wise, which is why many buy a device, I’m still undecided as to weather that massive 5 inch case is a good thing or not, but I do still have an old dell streak lying around which i fired up recently and it doesn’t feel that bad.

    At the end of the day saying “ios is better” or “android is better” is an irrelevant argument as it’s not about the OS this is about the product.

    Personally as an “advanced user” (tech savvy) I feel that the S3 is a better fit for me and I gave both devices to my other half recently to see how she took to them who is most definately not tech savvy and she wouldn’t touch the iphone because she was so busy playing with the samsung.

    At the end of the day: The real test of any mobile is living with it !
    Looking at the hardware under the bonnet, my suspicion is that the Samsung will have a longer life in the market as Apple will expect you to buy the next device going forward. 

    stuff like “retina displays”, yeh nice but it’s gimmic … no screen in the market these days on a smart phone that is priced at this range has paricularly poor hardware in it so who cares if Apple can cram another X pixels on a screen.

    And yes I care about multi tasking, look at the debate going on over on the windows 8 blog over metro, multitasking these days is a way of life for many.

  17. Steen says:

    Development of mobile device last year has shown that the difference between phones and pads/tabs are beginning to be erased. This is the major trend when you think about it.

    I think Samsung has very cleaverly and not by coincidence placed their line up with S3, Note and 7″ tab to fill the gap between iPhone 4s and iPad. By increasing the size of S3 from S2 they differentiate them self from iPhone…

    Apple possible strategy:
    Apple would really need to split the iphone and/or iPad line into two size to attract Samsungs customers: iPhone nano (3-3,5″ in smaller case/form factor than i4s) + iPhone 5 (4-5″) and/or release Ipad mini (about 7″) if they want to disturb samsungs business.

    On the other hand:
    if Samsung would anounce/realease a smaller S3 (at 4″) at the time of the apple iPhone 5 launch this fall they would probably hurt Iphone alot if apple insist to keep one iPhone size/form factor.

  18. refia says:

    maybe s4 will attrack us with its specs.I’m sure s4 will be a winner.One day i was saw on the tv and i got news that consumer of apple was decreased and samsung was increased.I support s4 to the best!!!