The ultimate Cube Dock is a right kickstarter

Most of us at some time or another would have misplaced our mobile phone at home and spent ages hunting high and low for the device, and in the end ringing it to find its location. Today we can tell you about the ultimate home for your handset in the form of the Cube Dock from the Kickstarter project.

The team behind the project wanted to create a product that did more than just charge your handset, but in doing so wanted to keep it simple and easy to use. The Cube is manufactured from 100% polycarbonate that is designed to last, and is a though and stable material that can take a temperature as high as 280°F, or as low as -40°F. It is also stain resistant and non toxic, and while it’s transparent like glass it weighs six times less.

Docking of the iPhone is as simple as dropping the device in the dock or pulling it up to undock, and will also work with or without a case. It works with any version of the iPhone and even the upcoming iPhone 5, and it will also work with different types of smartphones including Android handsets. The Cube will refine and amplify the sound coming from the handset without the need of electricity; this is because of its unique acoustic design.

The installation of a USB cord is quick and easy and is designed to work with cables for the iPhone and Android devices. There is even storage in the bottom of the Cube for USB cables, and the adjustable bottom allows the USB cable to exit any of the four sides. Owners can put sticky notes on the Cube or write on it with a marker, and it will all come off leaving it as clean as before.

Apple iPhone users can make use of Face Time by finding the best angle of the handset that works best for the feature, and it can be personalized by painting or drawing on it. To find out more head over to the Kickstarter page.

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