Verizon Samsung Galaxy S3 delay and exploding scam

Over in the good old US of A the Android faithful that prefer Samsung devices are still waiting for Samsung’s latest and greatest smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S3 top come out to play on the Big Red, which was supposed to happen tomorrow the 10th of July; however it looks like those Verizon customers wanting the Galaxy S3 will be a little disappointed if they still expect to get their hands on the device tomorrow.

Apparently there will be a slight delay to the Verizon Samsung Galaxy S3 becoming available, as according to the guys over at Engadget, the Big Red website states that the Android Ice Cream Sandwich smartphone will not be available on the 10th but will become available as of the 12th of the month.

Having said that, the word is some customers have already had their Samsung Galaxy S3 shipped, whilst some have also said they are in possession of the new Sammy smartphone, which would suggest that pre-orders are as the previous schedule. So feel free to let us know if you have already received your Verizon Galaxy S3 or if you are still waiting.

In other news, I’m sure you all heard not too long ago that someone in Ireland had stated that their Galaxy S3 had caught fire, something that obviously cause concern in the mobile space, that perhaps old Sammy had push out a handset that wasn’t up to standards.

However according to the guys over at Coolest-gadgets, apparently there is no cause for concern over the Samsung Galaxy S3, as UK fire investigators have stated that the Galaxy S3 didn’t cause the fire, and that the culprit was actually an external source, and the fire investigators have said that the only way to produce similar damage to a device was to put the device or component parts into a microwave.

Thus it would appear by all accounts that whomever reported the incident where the Samsung Galaxy S3 ‘exploded’ whilst mounted on their vehicle dash, it was somewhat of a scam, as apparently the handset was water damaged and the guy shoved it into a microwave to dry it out. Why anyone with a little sense would do this I’m not sure, but basically if you have been worried about your Samsung Galaxy S3 bursting into flames all of a sudden, rest assured it shouldn’t.


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  1. Cis says:

    rec’d email stating order shpg 7/11, called verizon to confirm.
    was told order on hold didn’t accept t&c and cc didn’t go thru (complete lie), despite confirmation to the contrary. couldn’t answer how this happened, “computer glitch due to unexpected demand”. escalated to supervisor and received same lame excuse; she could put thru order but would go to bottom of shpg line and would lose the dbl your data deal available at the time. this essentially forces me to buy into their high cost share everything plan. when the plan was announced after the pre order i suspected they would pull some stunt or hold the order hostage to force a buy in. supervisor told me best bet was to get in store on 7/10. this contradicts their press release stating in store availability delayed to 7/12 – again supervisor had no answer. Add on the bootloader issue and it’s clear that verizon is having major internal business problems that have reached the customer service level – buyer beware.

    1. Wtrolson says:

      wow, i’m pissed for you. that’s rotten. maybe i won’t buy one now and switch carriers. i am getting very tired and annoyed with verizon.

    1. CH says:

      One more thing to add, the sim card is inside one of the package that say
      4G LTE, I had some problem trying to activate it since it was asking for the sim and i couldn’t find it inside the box with the accessories, little did I know it was inside that little small 4G LTE pack.

      There’s not one individual manual for the S3 but a series of phamplet descriving various regulations and safety  instructions

    1. Tigernutz says:

      Yep, just got off the phone with tech support and they told me that the activations are clogged up… ?  Not sure if thats BS or true. 

  2. TheMrBillShow says:

    Got my Blue/32 on Friday July 6th, at 11am, by FedEx…

    Suburb of Milwaukee…

    Ordered it on the first pre-order day… June 6th…

    If you are having problems activating… don’t forget you have to put the SIM card in the S3 and you have to authorize the activation iether online at VZW or with the automated phone system…


  3. Wtrolson says:

    I was in the store on sunday. the verizon sales guy said they were going to sell starting tuesday am. he said they already had an enormous supply in the back of the store. in both colors! someone’s lying!

  4. Guest says:

    In my point of view to teach a effective lesson, customer should file a criminal case of cheating, professional misconduct,fraud,false Ad etc against CEO/CAD

    GM of Samsung Company .prosecution of these money makers is must,they  should be behind the bar,also press news be publish against Samsung,how they are playing fraud  & Exploiting the customers all over the world.

    Shrikant Choudhary ,India

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