TELUS list puts HTC Desire HD Android 4.0 ICS upgrade in doubt: Update

While Google are soon to release the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update to a few devices on the platform, there are a number of handsets still waiting to find out when they will be getting the Ice Cream Sandwich update. Today we have news of a TELUS update list that puts the HTC Desire HD Android 4.0 ICS update in doubt.

It has been the best part of two years now since the company first revealed the handset, and in the smartphone world the handset has now become a dinosaur according to Pocketnow. Even though the handset is aging HTC had been planning to breathe some new life into the smartphone by updating it with Ice Cream Sandwich. Unfortunately this doesn’t seem the case now and it looks like the HTC Desire HD won’t be seeing an official Android ICS update.

Back in May HTC released a roadmap with a list of handsets down to get the new software and the Desire HD was set to receive the software between July and August, and then last month Canadian carrier TELUS released its own list and dated the update for the 25th July.

The carrier has now updated its ICS list and states that the Desire HD ICS release has now been cancelled, and it says that the decision has been made by HTC because of “poor device performance during testing”.

This is a little strange as despite its age the handset still features a single core 1GHz Snapdragon processor and has 768MB of RAM, which should easily be enough to handle ICS, but it is believed that HTC felt that performance issues were too big to ignore and maybe with Sense running alongside the software was too much for the handset to handle.

Nothing official has come from HTC about the Desire HD and Android ICS, but if the device is not getting the update in Canada it’s unlikely to be any different in other parts of the world. Will you be disappointed if the HTC Desire HD doesn’t get updated to Android 4.0?

UPDATE: It looks like the HTC Desire HD will get ICS update after all.
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39 thoughts on “TELUS list puts HTC Desire HD Android 4.0 ICS upgrade in doubt: Update”

  1. Allanos says:

    The HTC One V has 1Ghz processor and 512 MB Ram and runs ICS  ! So you tell me how its possible the HD runs worse..

    1. BCD says:

      Newer cpu, might bring more performance than the old 1ghz Snapdragon does. 
      Though I totally doubt that. Same old politics. Your smartphone is older than a year, you better go and buy a new one (which you can likely use a year with updates and after that it’s time to buy a new one again) 

      I’m kind of upset about this news. As you said, the DHD would be totally capable of running ics. We’ll see…

  2. Chrisjohnson says:

    How about we had some issues, sales haven’t been as big as we hoped and so we need to force people to get a new phone.. Well how’s this HTC, I won’t be buying another HTC because of your stupid move to seal the battery inside (which incidentally has terrible life HTC one X), no micro SD and rubbish internal memory. Whats the point of an Android when you take away the selling points of it !

    1. Avner Siaki says:

      I’ve tried the unofficial version with my Htc Desire HD a month ago (primo version) and it worked very fast. the only problems I’ve faced was a problem with the camera and with the hotspot. everything else was perfect and much more faster and mach more energy saver so it seems like a conspiracy !!!!

  3. guest says:

    Poor device performance during testing? I’ve been having poor device performance for the best part of a year now. Won’t be getting an HTC again, especially as the One feels like it’s made out of a VERY poor quality plastic.

  4. Endlezz says:

    If HTC does not apply this update to the Desire HD, it will be my last HTC phone. I paid 700 EUR for it and it’s already written off after two years? It would be my worst investment ever.

    1. ABC says:

      Well in comparison to Samsung, this phone would’ve been written off a year ago. Galaxy S (or whichever it was), equal to DHD, was never mentioned for an ICS Update. 

      Even if HTC doesn’t release the ICS Update, it’s no reason to join the Samsung community since their devices get about ONE update. After that they’re trying to force you into buying a better smartphone which has newest Android. 
      At least HTC considered this device. 
      I bet even the Galaxy S2 won’t get Android Jelly Bean. It’s just “too old” – go and buy a Galaxy S3, which is totally worth the unjustified price they claim for it…

  5. Gaysexdavid says:

    I am really disappointed as I was looking forward to this 4.0 ice cream sandwich update but now it has made me think or moving to Samsung or another cell phone.

    Really shocked by this as HTC in an email told me that the update will be OTA in July/August

    If I change phone never will be picking HTC again.

    I love my Desire HD I don’t think I could ever look at another HTC 🙁

    Fix it bitches!!

  6. Filip Voska says:

    This is BS, I’m running Sense 4.0 (lite) with ICS on my Desire HD and it’s very smooth.

  7. TOLGA BALU says:

    son 5 yıldır htc kullanıyorum bence en iyisi samsung yazık size be insanların beklentilerini boşa çıkarıyorsunuz

  8. Poo says:

    Yes.. been running Ivan xda cooked Rom for ages. With camcorder issues, official release of the HTC kernels could fix this

  9. Ahsan_844 says:

     of course we would be too much disappointed if
    HTC desire HD will not get ICS update 🙁

  10. Bob Marley fan says:

    well I am from Turkey and a big fan of HTC, and has been using HTC Desire HD almost more than 13 months (I paid more than 1000 $), and the official android version on my phone is 2.3.5 people are talking about 4.1 and I am still using 2.3.5? is it fair? what is your aim hey you HTC workers and producers? As a HTC user I would like to anounce that I will not use any HTC phones from now on. if no UPDATE so no HTC anymore then!!!! WE ARE NOT SLAVES!!! EMANCIPATE  YOURSELVES FROM MENTAL AND MATERIAL SLAVERY, NONE BUT OURSELVES CAN FREE OUR MINDS!!!!!

  11. Normie Norm says:

    I’ve been a happy user of the HTC for a few years now, and was just weighing up the options between the HTC One X and the Samsung Galaxy S III.

    I guess I should be grateful at the amount of time which HTC have just saved me, as they have removed any possibility of me choosing the One X.

    1. Randall Walsh says:

      I have been running an AOSP ICS 4.0.4 Rom on my Inspire 4G for months and it is the best running ROM that I have ever used and I have flashed a lot of Rom’s

  12. Gentleman Reminisce says:

    First of all the DHD has terrible battery life, secondly we’ve had to wait 2 damn years for thus update ans now there’s doubts. HTC you really are experts at disappointing your DHD customers.

  13. Roberto Lim says:

    So much for the 18 month commitment. The phone was only one year old when ICS was released. Next phone will be a Nexus device.

  14. Gnianniwwaykias says:

    Try hader for update ICS for DHD………..ok???

    All of us r waiting………for too long

  15. Pikeing-74 says:

    I’ve had Samsung handsets and I was let down with them I would never go back to them I will stay with HTC

  16. G0nzo says:

    guy, everyone who has a DHD, before waiting for a dream, root your phone and flash it with a custom ICS. I’m on it since a week now, and I have a Desire. They maybe dinosaurs but still they can manage a new OS ;). and don’t worry about space. there are plenty of unused GB on your SD 😉

    1. I’d love to and have been researching different rooting methods. But HTC give a two year warranty with their handsets in the UK so I don’t want to run the risk of developing a hardware fault and voiding my existing warranty. I still have until November… I love you, Cyanogenmod.

  17. Andres Galvan says:

    I’m rooted running Ice Cream Sandwich AND Sense 4.0. Not 3.6, it’s 4. My DHD has NO problems running it. The only problem I’ve ever had with it was with Chrome messing up the screens, but I’m sure that has nothing to do with it, because I deleted it and it’s working fine now. 
    I just NEED HTC to release official ICS for it, because my ROM won’t get a camera fix until kernel 3.0 is released, and it won’t be released until we’re updated. Domino effect -.-

  18. Abdulrahimabidshafi says:

    will the htc desire s get an ICS update i mean come on htc desire c with a mini 600mhz snapdragon processor is able to run ics and htc sense 4.0

  19. Enrico says:

    It’s a fake… HTC have not cancelled the upgrade! Just wait for a few days

  20. Louis says:

    It’s true HTC has cancelled the upgrade due to perceived performance problems while testing. I have just confirmed with Leaf in South Africa as well. They have also received he notice.

  21. Wouter says:

    I will be very disappointed when there is no update at all. Waiting will do though.

  22. Olifabi says:

    Its so bad i habe no Android 4.0 And its 20 of july.
    It speak yet in german:
    Wann kommt es endlich raus bittttttttttttttttttte meldet