HTC devices confirmed for Android ICS, Desire HD misses out

It is now official that the HTC Desire HD is not getting the ICS update, but we do have a list of Android devices that will get the Android Ice Cream Sandwich upgrade.

If you visit the HTC Blog you will notice the site is down, they must be either updating its website or it could be getting so much attention its servers cannot handle the mass flow. At first it looked promising for the Desire HD to receive the Ice Cream update, but this has been squashed after HTC’s official device upgrade list.

HTC have now removed the Desire HD from its list, the ones that are going to get the software update includes: Droid Incredible 2, Amaze 4G, EVO 3D, EVO Design 4G, Incredible S, Sensation, the HTC Sensation XL, Sensation 4G and XE, as well as the Raider, Rezound, Rhyme, Thunderbolt and Vivid.

The above phones are expected to receive ICS by the end of August, this will be great for those that have any of the Android handsets above because Android Ice Cream Sandwich will give you a better multitasking menu, widgets, face unlock, major redesigns for core apps just like Gmail, a smoother experience, and much more.

HTC mentions that they removed the HTC Desire HD off its ICS update list because after extensive testing the current version of HTC Sense with Android is better for the Desire HD rather than using ICS, they also said “We apologize for any confusion this change may have caused our customers.”

If you do own the HTC Desire HD then the only way you can get ICS onto your device is by rooting it, you will have to root your device the unofficial way to run Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. Please do let us know what you think about the above news; any comments you wish to share would be most grateful.


19 thoughts on “HTC devices confirmed for Android ICS, Desire HD misses out”

    1. Nick McCready says:

      Biggest issue is HTC / Verizon has made the boot loader and RIL a pain in the @$$ which has made the development community abandon most HTC phones and most definitely the Thunderbolt. If they just released the darn stuff there would be no need for HTC, just open it up HTC and move the heck on with ripping everyone off with new devices.

    1. John Nevels says:

      Ditto, it’s been almost a year since we got Gingerbread on Thunderbolt.  This is ridiculous.  iPhone 5 or Samsung next time around.

    2. Bwdulken says:

       As a thunderbolt owner i totally agree, however, apple isn’t the solution! As previous comments reveal, apple doesn’t provide it’s new services for older phones. My next phone will be the updated nexus or whatever phone google releases next (through motorola or otherwise) My buddy has the older nexus and he just received jellybean with google version of siri today!

      1. guest says:

         I’m a thunderbolt (sadly) owner.  I don’t know what crack you are smoking about Apple though.  IOS 6 when it comes out this fall will support the IPhone 3GS, 4 and 4S.  The 3GS was released in 09.  3.5 years of phones will be supported.  HTC can’t support a phone that is 1.5 years old.  The 3GS came with IOS 3, so apple is supporting 3 major and multiple minor software releases.  HTC, 1 downgrade software…remember the reboot issue the “upgrade” gave us?  1 minor upgrade and one bug fix (basically).  In 1.5 years we got 1 dot release.  Apple in that time will have released two full versions and several dot releases.  Apple does a far better job of supporting older hardware than pretty much any android vendor.  And I get it that it is a closed ecosystem, but hey, it just works.

        1. Dodgson says:

           Well in case you haven’t noticed Apple updates don’t really include anything that useful whereas Google updates bring awesome new features (at least since IOS3).  So Apple making some minor updates to aged equipment isn’t really that important.

    3. Dodgson says:

      I’d go Nexus myself, Apple has an operating system that hasn’t really changed in 4 years, they feel ancient to me (even compared to my Thunderbolt on Gingerbread).

  1. Guest says:

    Apple doesn’t provide its new services for its old phones. You have to buy their newest phone to receive their newest featured software and services. Just food for thought for all the outraged convertees below. It sucks that ICS won’t be available for the Desire, but I doubt they’re being lazy and going back on releasing ICS for the phone for no reason. I would imagine the phone would not work as well, so this is the best option. Not all phones have the memory and ram capacity to upgrade.

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