Nexus 7 goes camping in first commercial

Obviously the first Android Jelly Bean tablet from the Google guys is doing rather well in the tablet space, as we have already reported the 16GB model has rapidly run out of stock, and naturally the Google guys want the uptake of the Nexus 7 to continue, and as such released the first Nexus 7 commercial yesterday.

The first Google Nexus 7 commercial is called Nexus 7 Camping and is brought to our attention by the guys over at Slash Gear, by way of The Next Web, and the one minute commercial for the Android Jelly Bean slate seemingly show a dad and son camping in the great outdoors, and sporting the Nexus 7.

In the footage dad and son use the Jelly Bean tablet to identify a captured frog along with searching for a location with Google Maps, watch movies, play games, use as a flash light, and even throw in a couple of dinosaurs just for good measure, and ends with the tag line ‘The Playground is Open.’

Luckily though the father and son weren’t camping too far away from houses and thus were able to pick up a WiFi connection, which would be a bit of an issue if you were camping way out in the wild frontier, I would think.

Anyway, enough from me, I’ll let you head on down to mash that play button and check out father and son doing a little outdoor bonding with the Google Nexus 7…enjoy.


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