Microsoft Surface tablets head for October 26 release

Since news first came out about the upcoming Microsoft Surface tablet there’s been a good deal of interest in Microsoft’s first venture into the tablet space. The Surface tablet is to be available in a Windows RT version as well as a Windows 8 Pro model and it looks as though we may now have news of a release date of October 26.

Along with the forthcoming Windows 8 operating system the Surface tablets are attracting curiosity among those who are wondering what Microsoft will have to offer as designers of the new device. We’ve taken a look at some of the specs and features that are known so far and also wondered if the new Surface tablets could rival the iPad but we haven’t had a precise release date before now. It certainly seems as though Microsoft are hoping for big things for the Surface as it now seems set to launch in time for the busy holiday season.

A report on BGR tells how a recent Microsoft filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission stated that the Surface tablets would go on sale on October 26 which is pretty convincing stuff and frankly good enough for us. As a brief reminder of what we are expecting from the Surface tablets, both will have a 10.6-inch display but the Surface for Windows 8 Pro has an Intel Ivy Bridge Core i5 processor while the Surface for Windows RT tablet has an NVIDIA Tegra-based ARM chip. As far as storage goes the Surface Windows 8 Pro will have 64 or 128GB while the Surface Windows RT will have 32 or 64GB.

We’ll certainly be waiting to hear more definite news on the Microsoft Surface tablets such as confirmed pricing and more on specs and of course we’ll be passing that on to readers as and when we hear it. It does look virtually confirmed though that October 26 is the big release date.

Are you interested in either of the Microsoft Surface tablets? If so what draws you to a Microsoft tablet rather than the many other tablets already available? Let us know with your comments.

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