HTC Rezound ICS update now rolling out

If you are the proud owner of the HTC Rezound, we know that you have been awaiting the arrival of the Android 4.0 update to hit your device for quite some time, as the Verizon smartphone was supposed to receive ICS sometime between June and July. However your wait has now come to an end.

According to an article over on Android Central it seems to confirm that the Android Ice Cream Sandwich update is now rolling out to the HTC Rezound, and is a 299MB over the air update, and will take the handset’s software version to 3.14.605.12.

Similar to other devices that have gained the ICS update, Ice Cream Sandwich for the HTC Rezound comes bundled with HTC Sense 3.6 rather than HTC Sense 4.0, which basically includes all the goodness of 4.0 but without its visual finery.

As the ICS update is rolling out over the air, not every HTC Rezound owner will see the update right away, as apparently the update release will be staggered over a period of days to reduce strain on the download servers, but at least you now know the ICS update is definitely on its way.

We’d like to hear from any of our readers that own the HTC Rezound to let us know if you have received the update yet, or if you are still playing the waiting game, by dropping us a line to our comments area below.


28 thoughts on “HTC Rezound ICS update now rolling out”

  1. Jesus14310 says:

    Ive been following the release of ics for the rezound since february. Although its way passed due, better late than never, I just can’t wait to get the update to try out new features 😀

    1. Austin Noble14 says:

      When I saw that it had launched but didn’t have it i did the following: Try taking your battery out for a hard reset, for about 30seconds, than pop it back in and go to settings-and manually check for an update, worked for me. HTC Rezound -4.0.3

  2. DustinHyder says:

    Still playing the waiting game called Verizon and they also have confirmed that they have released the update so just waiting

  3. Gregory says:

    Hey…it is out. Check the Verizon support page. The .pdf is there to download….I thought it was a joke last night too!..

    1. Deckerme says:

      apparently it downloads a prefile to enable you to download ics, i’m now downloading the firmware with the phone on…that should take another 4-10 minutes i guess….

      1. Doug says:

         Thanks – I looked at my phone and it was exactly the same . . . now I just wish I knew whether or not I was actually downloading the 299 mb file.  Doesn’t show as downloading yet.

  4. Ward says:

    I just finished the upgrade now and am about to start playing with it.  Already noticed a couple changes with the main skin.

  5. Anmaria1226 says:

    Got it yesterday! Had to manually check the software update from settings. – PA

  6. Johnjackson says:

    Got it yesterday and am have trouble texting. Any thoughts? I’ve done 4 battery pulls and that doesn’t seem to help.

  7. Darren Byrne says:

    I had trouble with my camera today, which was the first I’ve really used it since the update. The screen went dark, and I finally resorted to restarting my phone once I could see something on the display.

  8. Elay13 says:

    I have yet to get the update:c how do you get it? I’ve only had this phone since February.

  9. MWG58 says:

    Unimpressed! The stupid transitions after hitting any action key are horrible.  I’ve turned the transition/animation settings in the developer screen both to off and it still hestitates and fades a bit when changing screens.  It seems right now that the phone responds slower than before.  (Who from the Windows team helped out with this update??!)

  10. shepdogsd says:

    ICS is fine I guess, but the phone has issues. Specifically:
    1) Screen goes blank on call…it is supposed to in order to save battery…but it is supposed to come back on when you hold phone horizontal so you can key voice mail passwords, turn on the speaker, etc. It is REALLY finicky and will stay blank. Touching the screen does not wake it up. Pressing the top button will, but then the phone is locked and you have to slide the ring up…and the screen winks out again! Changing the display settings does not help.
    2) Data goes out. Just goes out. I’m in the middle of San Diego. Happens anywhere. No voice commands, no email, nothing. Verizon said to turn off WiFi because phone is not smart enough to “switch” from to mobile data on its own when you are out of range. I turn it off, and it improves, but still is not reliable.
    3) Voice commands. They don’t work when data is unavailable. Why not??? They did on my old ClamShell phones in hands free mode! Furthermore, my old clamshell did not confuse calling a contact with calling someplace across the world. I’m convinced Google has some priority logrhythm for ad revenue…and it interferes with calling your contacts. So probably not a phone issue. Tried a friends Iphone…it doesn’t work much better. Stick to ClamShell phones?????