iPhone 5 MacBook MagSafe connector possibility

Regular readers may recall that a couple of months ago we reported on rumors of a new 19-pin connector that may possibly be magnetic for the iPhone 5. Today we have further news on this as it seems the speculation regarding the possibility of a new iPhone 5 MacBook Magsafe connector is strengthening.

Yesterday we gave readers details of some more leaked images of a purported iPhone 5 and again a 19-pin connector dock was illustrated, although of course we have no way of verifying whether the images are the real deal just yet. Originally we told of news that a new 19-pin connector had been “verified” but until we hear this from Apple we still hesitate to mark it down as official. It does seem as though the evidence is growing though although a new report throws another spanner in the works.

Product Reviews tells how a MagSafe type of connector for the iPhone 5 is looking likely and if that’s accurate this should please a lot of people. Users of the MacBook Air or Pro will already be familiar with the MagSafe connector and if you haven’t experienced using one, take it from me that this kind of connector to charge saves a lot of faffing about.

When we first told about the possibility of doing away with Apple’s standard 30-pin connector there was a huge amount of controversy regarding the amount of Apple accessories that would become obsolete and many people weren’t too happy with the idea. We also discussed how this could be an example of planned obsolescence and had many comments from readers who were rather disgruntled about the whole idea. However as a smaller connector has become more likely it seems people are growing used to the idea of a new magnetic connector and hopefully an adapter will become available meaning users will still be able to use their current iOS device accessories.

Although we feel a 19-pin MagSafe connector would be a real benefit to the iPhone 5 another website, iLounge, has thrown the possibility of an even smaller 8-pin connector into the ring. We’re not sure about the validity of this story but either way it does look as though a smaller connector is coming and that it will most likely be a MagSafe connector. As we get closer to that expected fall release date no doubt we’ll be hearing more about this and we’ll be keeping track of further developments.

We’d like to hear your thoughts on this. Do you still oppose any change to the customary 30-pin dock connector for the iPhone 5? Maybe you’re happy to have a smaller connector, especially if it is indeed a MagSafe connector? Let us know with your comments.


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    Thanks for the
    information about the 19-pin MagSafe connector. I am looking forward to some
    more information about the 8-pin smaller connector. And then I can decide on
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