iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy Note 2 release, the fight is on

This is very interesting indeed especially after the Apple vs Samsung saga, it has always been in the back of consumers minds what will debut first between the iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, and today news is flooding in that the new Apple smartphone will be announced 2 weeks after the Samsung smartphone, this is the case of “Take that Apple”.

Samsung will be holding its Unpacked event on August 29th and it has been suggested that the Galaxy Note 2 smartphone will make its debut, we decided to look into this a little further and came across iDB where Reuters reports Samsung Electronics is set to take the wraps off a sequel to its popular Galaxy Note smartphone at an event on August 29, about two weeks before the possible debut of Apple’s new iPhone. This is getting really juicy in the Apple Samsung corner, what are you waiting for?

At the moment the two major firms are going at it in court as they pit against each other to prove each other wrong in the high profile patent debate, if Samsung do decide to announce and then release the Galaxy Note 2 two weeks before the debut of the iPhone 5 then surely this will get right up Apple’s nose.

It has been said that the Note 2 smartphone will come with a 5.5-inch display, which is a little bigger than the current Note, and will be much faster thanks to a better processor, there will be a better camera also. Many more rumours cover the specs include the Exynos 4412 processor that can be found in the Samsung Galaxy S3, clock speeds of 1.6GHz, 1280 X 720 pixels resolutions, and apparently come running Android Ice Cream Sandwich with the option to upgrade to Jelly Bean at a later date.

The iPhone 5 is expected to be announced September 12, is there any possibility with Samsung and Apple at loggerheads that the new iPhone may not even make a September announcement due to Samsung saying on your bike we are not supplying you no more, leaving Apple with the choice of using Sharp? We have already reported that Sharp could be supplying the screens, time will tell and we will keep you notified. So an iPhone announcement on September 12 with an October release, and the Galaxy note 2 weeks before that will surely stir a few things up.

So will you wait for the Apple iPhone 5 or will you get the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 jumbo-sized smartphone aka phablet?

Source – The Guardian


28 thoughts on “iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy Note 2 release, the fight is on”

  1. C Davies972 says:

    The Galaxy S3 is just too big, the note is quite frankly ludicrous.
    We will see if it has any effect when iPhone 5 launches.
    I reckon it will do as all the rest have and go on to become the best selling phone of all time again.
    Anyone want to bet against that?

        1. AndroidSucks says:

          The majority of people own a iPhone not because of its specs, but because of is Operating System. I’ve had both an Android and an iPhone time, but when I made my decision to change to Apple I never looked back. iOS was just so much ahead of Android and I had a completely different experience.

          Android could of changed, but I enjoy my iPhone Apps such as iMessage.

          Call me an Apple fan boy, but I don’t even own a MAC and I run Ubuntu on my PC.

      1. Barksi17 says:

        Apple fanboy, ok samsung fanboy. Note is ridiculous, not even a phone, its a tablet, you guys must have damn big pockets, maybe they will invent a backpack to carry it in.

        1. Ken says:

          Great suggestion apple fanboy. Perhaps samsung WILL. apple is eating its own words right now. “a 3.5 inch screen is perfect” and now they went on making 4inches because they saw the consumers wanting bigger screens.. “7inch tablets are ridiculous and would be DOA (dead on arrival). Eerr now we have an upcoming 7.85inch ipad.

          1. Barksi17 says:

            Yes 7.8inch tablet…not a phone. Plus 4 inches is hardly 7 is it?? Plus i imagine the core iphone wont get bigger, the screen will just go to the edge. Dont get me wrong, i think samsung make the best tv’s by far, i advise all my friends to get them, but i think they lack in the phone department.

          2. Mohan says:

            Apple fanboy, just look at the sales for the Galaxy Note and Galaxy S3 and you’ll notice that bigger screens are in. Reason if you’ve not realised is that most people are using these gadgets MAINLY to surf the net vs. the very limited use as a phone.

  2. Ricjy35 says:

    I go for the note2, iphone is getting taller and ugly Samsung seem to be more innovative, like the S3 is so impressive, much more advance now the note2 would be much better its more than enough to beat the new iphone, well we don’t know if it even exist.

  3. Limeberg_1929 says:

    im still waiting for the note 2,i’l get 4 and my friends are very much interested.crab apple is getting to be a nuisence,you can see there just a high priced phone with many other company parts making it should realy change the name to  mixed variety,.as what it really is.i wonder who bite the apple,if it was first examined looks to be rotting

    1. Barksi17 says:

      Of course, every other product on the market uses parts made by that manufacturer, do you even understand business??? Idiot. Its called trading. Why spend billions on dev creating something thats already there. Do you think samsung have used only samsung parts in the note?? Erm….no.

  4. yarrellray says:

    My Galaxy S3 is just wonderful the BEST SMARTPHONE ON THE MARKET PERIOD. But I just have to have the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 to pear with my Gs3. That would be heaven for me. I phone what is that?? are they still in business….

  5. Basheer1431 says:

    will only buy samsung if jelly bean straight out of the box and retina display equivalent .and 8 Mp camera and beefed up ram and beefed up memory

  6. Terryjambo says:

    It’s as if the S3 does not even exist anymore, why cannabilize the sales of your own flagship? I’m having serious doubts about the marketing stratagem of Samsung. Does that make me an ifan who loves iPhones? Not really, I am just uninterested in buying a device that I know will be one upped just after the 30 day return policy expires. What’s next? A 64gb quad core red S3? That’s what I wanted but I had to settle for the dual core 32gb pebble blue, I know about the microSD but 128gb would’ve been perfect. Now I’ll probably get criticized for not waiting until 3 months before the S4 comes out when the 64gb red quad fire will likely be released.

  7. just a fan says:

    One thing I find ODD but true to a company w/ foresight, is the ability to come out with one phone every 1-2 yrs and every maufact tries to copy/”borrow ideas” ,-putting it nicely / or try to improve on the week-points of a product. Apple Iphones are here to stay. Unlike every other Manufacturer-Apple designs 1 phone every 1-2 yrs and it sells… They don’t add this and that and come out w/ another version and call it whatever -since they changed a rom/camera/apps/ color/ processor/ Apple does it w/ class ! No, I don’t own and Apple and may never- $$ and being used to the android and windows system have kept me at bay, But for the next Apple I phone I may take a chance and invest in one. They -apple have class and Know-what the people want. Apple has not and will not play the game of keeping up w/ the jonses or smiths or whoever, Apple sets the BAR and others try to go over it – but at what cost ? retooling plants -re-training and lets not forget the one major expense… Marketing. Marketing people in other companies must be sooo stresssssssssed out trying to keep up w/every new add-on and trying to come up w/ ideas how to re-market the same phone ‘only with one or 2 added features , but try to make it out to be an entire new concept, I pray they pey those people well and give them more Vacation days to De-stress from trying to re-market an Ole Mare -that should have been put-out to pasture. Point is – the next I-phone ,,, Should be a Tribute to Steve j. -‘bottom linr’ he gave his life and blood to apple and I’m sure his family can attest to that ! Yes – as many dream ; if and when I make 2 million $ I’m done working… S.J could have doe that the 1st year Apple came out- He is an was dedicated to giving what the people wanted and needed. If I could afford Apple products – I would have them for myself and family members , even avid Droid users say they will buy apple devices for their children and Parents =because of the User Friendliness of the products and also the spport and updates- something Google is trying to match out of all the Android devices. I only hope that the next Apple IPHONE KICKS SOME REAL ASCOT, AND IS WORTHY OF S.JS’ LIFE LONG COMMITMENT TO GIVING THE PEOPLE WAHT THEY WANT AND EVENTUALLY REALIZE IT WAS THE BEST DECISION THEY MADE WITH THEIR HARD ERANED $$/EUROS/YEN/PESOS’ ETC Apple is and will be what other manufacturers strive to be like !, but thats like taking a lemon and expecting the taste of a beautiful strawberry – W/ the worlds finest chocolate coating it. Thank You, S.J for setting the standard only others will try to achieve… Yes , we do help them up and dust em off, but Unlike apple they will fall again. Thank you for Apples- its kept many a Dr away and also helped many to find one when needed ! god speed and rest for a JOB , very well done !

  8. mike says:

    I have owned a iphone since 2007 when it was first released. I own the 4 right now, and frankly its getting old and boring. When i first got the iphone 4 i was excited but when i realized after a while that it was the same phone i had been using for years already i cant wait to get rid of it. Theres nothing wrong with it, its just plain boring, everyone in gods name has one theres nothing unique about it anymore like when it first came out. I want something different and from the pictures released of what it looks like it doesnt look any different and im sure the UI doesnt either. Im all set with spending my hard earned money for a phone that is catching up to the competition. I have opened my eyes to phones other than the iphone and realized the competition is wayyy ahead of the iphone as far as technology, processor, screen resolution, camera quality…etc. Dont get me wrong if you like simple, plain, and un-customizable and the same phone as the majority of people around you go for the iphone. If you like different customizable and just plain straight up more capable go for one of the new android phones like the SIII my gf switched to the galaxy s3 and loves it so much more than her iphone. I used it and its blows the iphone away in just about every category. This is why i am taking my business elsewhere and will not be falling back into the zombie nation that is apple. Im buying myself the Note 2 when it comes out. Wake up blind apple users, you are constricted and limited to what you can do with your phone unless you jailbreak it which is not worth doing when android phones like the S3 can do so much more out of the box. If you havent realized that apple is only catching up with all the lame rumors so far you’ll never realize there’s a whole other world out there besides the iphone like i have. Just go try one out if you never have guarantee you won’t be disappointed, i sure wasn’t when i looked at something different.

  9. motor says:

    I use to be a freak iphone maniac but now that I have the Samsung Galaxy Note is the best phone ever is big the phone is big in the beginning once you get use to to use the Galaxy note you see the difference I think it’s time to stretch your hands and your eyes and your brain and be open brain and get the Galaxy Note best phone ever

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