NOS Android app for the Netherlands

The way consumers interact with the media has changed a great deal in recent years, with the advancement of mobile phones has brought new ways for us to get the latest news and other helpful information, and today we have news of the NOS Android app for users in the Netherlands.

This version of the application is very similar to the iPhone version, where users can open news by pushing the logo on the top of the screen, which then reveals other categories such as broadcasts, videos, traffic, sports, and weather. The application is promised to be slick and categories are easily changed with a quick swipe of the screen.

There is currently a big focus on the London 2012 Olympics with all sports currently being played having live view, but the live streams only work with the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich operating system or above.

No matter where you may be you can be aware of all the latest news thanks to the NOS application, but at the time of writing the application is only compatible with smartphones and not Android tablets.

Users are treated to all the latest news and breaking sports news, current traffic and weather information, live videos, and news and videos for current sporting events. Android users in The Netherlands that have already downloaded the NOS application and have been using it have been giving it some very positive reviews.

For more information on the free NOS Android application head over to Google Play. Do you use the NOS application?


One thought on “NOS Android app for the Netherlands”

  1. kelly burby says:

    well application like nos keeps you updated with every bit of news around the corner to all smartphone users worldwide but the access to such a useful application is not provided to tablet users which is partiality between smartphone and tablet

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